" Synchromysticism:
The art of realizing meaningful coincidence in the seemingly mundane with mystical or esoteric significance."

- Jake Kotze

October 27, 2016

Weird Wollongong Skies

Some would call these artificial clouds "chem-trails"
When I was looking for my photos of the Kiama Blowhole and lighthouse, which I used in my last post -
Blowholes, Shipwrecks and Hearts in the Sea
I came across some photos I had taken in Wollongong the next morning while going for a walk around WIN stadium home of the St.George Illawarra Dragons.
When I got to Wollongong that night after driving most the day from Eden I saw a sign on the stadium advertising the next four home games in Wollongong for the Dragons.
Two of those teams, the Cowboys and the Storm, my team the Sharks would have to play in the semi-final (Cowboys) and final (Storm) to win their first ever NRL title in the 49 years the Sharks had been in the NRL.
Weird thing too is that the St.George Illawarra Dragons were founded on September 23rd, 1999 and September 23rd just happens to be my birthday and the day the Sharks would beat the Cowboys in Sydney to go into the grand final against the Storm.
The semi-final against the Cowboys would be the reason for my third road-trip for the year.
In fact, seeing the Sharks play was the reason for all of my road-trips this year.
My Happiest Birthday Ever
Looking across to WIN Stadium from my motel room that morning
I had never been to a football game in Wollongong and there wasn't one on when I was there, but I was staying in a motel across the road from the stadium, so I decided to get a better look of it by taking a stroll around it in the morning.  

These patterns on my motel's walls caught my eye for some reason;-)
Where have I seen this pattern before?-)
Oh, yeah, my blog's avatar picture
Looking out of my motel window to blue skies over Wollongong city
Looking out my motel window before going on my walk around the stadium the skies were clear and blue.
Looking back at blue skies over my motel as I walked around WIN
Even when I started my walk around the stadium and down to the beach at the back of it, the sky was nice and blue, mostly.

Blue sky and the nice beach behind WIN Stadium
The beach behind the stadium looks very nice when you look straight out to sea, or north to the lighthouse, but the spell is broken when you look south towards an ugly industrial area belching smog into the sky.
But then when I took a closer look into the sky I noticed the factories aren't the only things making pollution form clouds into the blue.
There are  planes flying at high altitude everywhere over the sky forming clouds...of what?
I turned my back to the planes and headed north around the stadium being thankful the planes hadn't made their way over to that side of the Wollongong sky yet.
But those planes soon filled in the blanks.
By the time I had rounded the stadium and was heading back to the motel the sky was just one white mess.
As I walked back to my motel and saw the trails overhead I was glad to be heading out of Wollongong that morning and up to Armidale where the skies would be clearer.
On a Synchronicity Kick in Armidale
I was just hoping my motel wasn't going to hit me with a cloud-cover charge along with the $20 fee they slugged me with to park my car in the basement overnight;-)
Occult Armidale?

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