" Synchromysticism:
The art of realizing meaningful coincidence in the seemingly mundane with mystical or esoteric significance."

- Jake Kotze

October 12, 2016

Our Daily Bread

When I started out on my last road-trip the first place I stopped at was an old church which had been converted into a cafe/antique/art store and named 'Our Daily Bread'.
Being not that far from Byron Bay it could have easily been called, 'Eat, Pray, Love'.
I'm not big on religion, but I love visiting old churches, such as the one above, (as well as churches that are still functioning), when I'm out on the road and the thought of a divine snack to eat inside puts me into a state of grace.
The Holy toast?!
Now that looks divine to me,
maybe on my
next trip
Maybe because I'm always thinking beyond the pines when it comes to this mortal coil, but I like the idea of giving thanks to a higher power, mother earth, (or all the people who made the meal possible for me to eat), for the meal that I'm about to eat, because it really does put my thinking into a "bigger picture" feeling of gratitude ... and if you know that magical feeling, it is one of feeling blessed in the moment.
So, I really do think the saying of grace before a meal is good practice, as long as it comes from the heart ... and you can easily say it ... or feel it silently in your own mind, if in a public place without uttering a physical word.
I find that being in a state of grace truly does open me up to the magic of synchronicity, as it tends to kick my mind up a gear and open my eyes to the "bigger picture" of the world that I'm a part of.
And eating in an old church like this one takes my imagination back to the community who must have gathered here each weekend to celebrate the life, challenges, hopes and fears of daily life ... and the life thereafter.
And it makes me thankful that I'm not eating a meal in one more McDonald's fast-food joint wondering if I should have fries with that, before hitting the road again
BIG MAgiC?! :-)
I was trying hard to avoid "creepy clowns" on my last trip -

What Constitutes a "Creepy Clown" Anyway?
But sometimes I had to risk an encounter to buy a coffee, use the restroom and the free Wi-Fi
And I was grateful for that, too.
A scene from the PKD movie,
'Radio Free Albemuth'
 And when I'm in a state of grace it makes me realize that a road-trip is not a race and that the journey is more important than the destination.
Checking out a potential coffee shop on
my last day
on the road in Grafton;-)
I'm always thankful for a nice healthy meal and a pleasant trip, as some people get neither in this lifetime ... and who knows when your own luck will run out?
I have no idea about this organization,
just using it to illustrate a point

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