" Synchromysticism:
The art of realizing meaningful coincidence in the seemingly mundane with mystical or esoteric significance."

- Jake Kotze

October 14, 2016

English Qaballa and the Meaning of Life?

The words STAR, CROSS and BLOOD (DNA?) add up to 42?
The word GOD adds up to 24
I've never studied the English Qaballa and know nothing much about it, but I found this talk Gordon White had with 
Cath Thompson about her recently released, 
'The Magickal Language of the Book of the Law: An English Qaballa Primer'
interesting, as I'm a bit of a Douglas Adams fan, you know the author who gave us that modern meme of the meaning of life being 42.
Adams always claimed to be an Atheist, but would always joke about "coincidences" in his life like how his initials DNA (BLOOD/42?) contained the meaning of life to every living thing on the planet. 
I also find it ironic that Adams' most famous book was about hitch-hiking among the STAR(42)s.
I like also how it was a star(42) the three wise men follow to find the baby Jesus and Crowley is famous for saying that "every man and woman is a star(42)".
The words JESUS and LIFE both share the same numeric value of 68, which is interesting.
And the words GOD and NOW share the same numeric value of 24.
I took that picture of the stain glass window at the top of this post on my last road-trip in the town of Goulburn.
I liked the symbols in those window patterns of Jesus(Life) at the top with a cross(42) and a star(42) under the image of Jesus and the image of the sacred heart under those.
Although, I knew nothing about English Qaballa when I took that shot on my trip.
wrote a tongue-in-cheek post about spelling and words before I left on my last road-trip -
SPELLing and Root Words :-)
Seems there really is more occult meanings to the English language than to what we've all been taught in school...not that I learned much at school, though.
The full Magickal Alphabet is as follows
A=1 L=2 W=3 H=4 S=5 D=6 O=7 Z=8 K=9 V=10 G=11 R=12 C=13 N=14 Y=15 J=16 U=17 F=18 Q=19 B=20 M=21 X=22 I=23 T=24 E=25 P=26

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