" Synchromysticism:
The art of realizing meaningful coincidence in the seemingly mundane with mystical or esoteric significance."

- Jake Kotze

October 7, 2016

Ford Closes its Australian Factories After More Than 90 Years of Car-making and on the Same Day Kingswood Country star Ross Higgins Dies?!

The last Australian-made Ford car has rolled off the assembly line at the company's Broadmeadows plant today and Ross Higgins, the star of Kingswood Country, died today aged 86.
Ford closes its Australian factories after more than 90 years of car-making
If you are an Australian you would have to agree that this is really bizarre, as the show that Ross was in was named after a Holden car and Ross's character hated Ford with a passion.
Kingswood Country star Ross Higgins dies
If you grew up like I did in Australia, there was always a polarization between driving a Ford, or Holden car.
It was almost like being either a Catholic, or Protestant in the same era.
I've driven and owned both brands of cars and now own and am very happy with my Hyundai i30, so work that out for yourself.
My Hyundai i30 parked in Sydney last weekend
But on Sunday night there is a TV mini-series about Peter Brock, who died in a race crash ten years ago, and he was the Holden poster boy when I was growing up.
Not only that, but fellow Cronulla Sharks supporter Brenden Cowell is playing Ford stalwart Allan Moffat in that show and Steve Bisley is playing Harry Firth.
I've written posts about meeting Brendan Cowell and Steve Bisley at these links -
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I had no interest in watching this TV series until I learned today that Brendan and Steve are playing characters in this TV show.  
Brendan Cowell and ex, Rose Byrne wearing a Sharks jersey
Brendan Cowell and Sharks captain Paul Gallen last year
On a personal note my father mainly owned Ford taxis, which is where I got to drive Ford cars, as when he had to buy a new taxi he would give me his old cab to drive as my own personal car....minus the yellow cab paraphernalia.
My old Holden Torana

My old ex-taxi and XD Ford Falcon outside my rented unit
Personally after driving Fords and Holdens for years I can see why most Australians are buying Japanese and Korean cars now.

But on another personal sync, my father passed away aged 86 also in the same year that Ross Higgins passed.
This has to be a truly bizarre synchronicity for most Australians with Ross Higgins passing away the same day Ford pull out of Australia.

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