" Synchromysticism:
The art of realizing meaningful coincidence in the seemingly mundane with mystical or esoteric significance."

- Jake Kotze

October 11, 2016

42 Minutes of Synchronicity

Caught a good little film on Netflix today thanks to Doug's  
'42 Minutes' interview with writer/director Jacob Gentry on topics such as Jung, The Sync Whole, Broken Bells, Danger Mouse, Christina Hendricks, Mix Tape, Resonance, Zeitgeist, Time Travel, Nostalgia, Back To The Future, The Matrix Elon Musk, PKD, Archetype, Noir, Meaning, Genius, Giger, Kubrick, Melville,  
Blade Runner, Obsession.
I thought this was a great quote from the movie, "time is the great teacher that ultimately kills all its students", until I thought about it a bit more and realized that only applies when living on this plane of existence really, as I don't believe time could kill the soul.
I wouldn't be right here now if that was the case, would I?-)

I had never heard of the group 'Broken Bells', or seen the video at this link - 
Broken Bells - The Ghost Inside
 starring Christina Hendricks, but I really liked her performance in the movie 'Lost River', which I wrote a post about earlier in the year here -
Was Lost River the Mad Max: Fury Road of The Big Short?

Christina Hendricks in 'Lost River'

The talk at the '42 Minutes' site is free to listen to for the next three weeks, but then if you want to listen you have to pay a monthly fee (which you can cancel the next month if you don't like the content at the site) and that gives you access not just to '42 Minutes', but all of the shows at the 'Sync Book' site.

Click on the red link below to hear Jacob Gentry talk about his movie and other topics for the next 3 weeks for free.
Time is your only currency...but only for three weeks, then you'll need a credit card.
Episode 244: Jacob Gentry
I notice on Jacob Gentry's IMDB page that he has 8 directing credits at the moment, so maybe he would make a good guest on  
Andras Jones' Radio8Ball show, as well?-)
And if you have a Netflix account checkout Jacob's 'Synchronicity' movie, as well as 'Lost River', if that movie is still on Netflix.


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