" Synchromysticism:
The art of realizing meaningful coincidence in the seemingly mundane with mystical or esoteric significance."

- Jake Kotze

October 14, 2016

The “Enigmatic” Lake George Outside of Canberra

I've been down to the Nation's capital Canberra twice in my life, both times this year.
The first time I drove down to Canberra there was a huge lake marked on my maps called 'Lake George', but when I drove past it in April there was nothing but grass where water should be.

In fact there were newspaper articles saying that the lake may never appear again in our lifetime.
What happened to Lake George?
Lake George
But, when I drove into Canberra at the end of September there was a bloody big lake where last time six months ago there was no water to be seen. 
I had to stop and get pictures of this lake, just to prove to myself that this lake actually existed.
I thought it was hilarious that these snake signs were painted on the footpath of the lookout, as Canberra is the gathering place of Australia's top politicians. 
But in America a snake would be a voter, or citizen, rather than a slimy politician, so I guess like everything else in the northern hemisphere that would be the other way round to here.
 Either way, at this point in history it seems like the whole world is on the brink of world war III and the media just choose to play it down so we all keep spending to boost that "house of cards" economy that surely has to collapse sooner than later.
"Sheep are grazed on the lake when it is dry or nearly so". 
Now, there's a metaphor if I've ever seen one.
Goulburn: A Walk in the Park in the Home of the Big Sheep
"In 2010, Canberra artists Alan and Julie Aston installed a herd of zebras on the lake adjacent to the highway stop commemorating Kevin "Dasher" Wheatley VC, used as a "Driver Reviver" site. 
They were named Stopper, Reviver, Survivor, and Dasher. 
They were a sensation, but the Government of New South Wales ordered that they be removed, following a complaint from the leaseholder of the land. 
They reappeared at Floriade, Canberra in September 2010, along with a baby, George."
Lake George when full of sheep instead of water;-)
The local indigenous people called the lake Werriwa (originally spelled Weereewa in the journals of the explorers who noted the name), which may mean "bad water"; even when full, the lake is one of the saltiest bodies of water in inland NSW, almost as saline as seawater."
What surprised me about this lake though (me being from Queensland and never hearing about this stuff...or the lake) was all the things I read in this article -
Canberra’s creepy underbelly: Why the capital really is a ghost town
"ASK most Australians about Canberra and you’ll get little more than a yawn, with the capital known mainly for politics, peace and quiet.
Yet there’s another side to the city, one filled with strange stories of underground bunkers, secret listening towers, a disappearing lake, ghosts, UFOs and a hairy beast.
Mysterious tales first told by early Aboriginal Australians have re-emerged time and again, from 18th century European settlers all the way to present-day witnesses.
Perhaps there are natural, or man-made, explanations for the eerie episodes right at the seat of government, but whatever the truth behind the myriad conspiracy theories, one thing is for sure: something weird is going on in Canberra."
It's amazing what six months can do to your head when it comes to a town like Canberra and I'll bet my bottom dollar that next time I come past here the lake will be maybe will most of the world with these dickheads we have running the planet.
 And when you have a lake like this at your doorstep, who needs UFO sightings to make it any weirder?
UFO SIGHTINGS on Lake George
"The UFO Experience Support Association reports that a woman and her daughter driving from Canberra past Lake George in 1996 saw a bright light in the sky, which hovered above the car, before landing in a nearby field. 
The woman observed a solid structure with windows, coloured beams and sparks emitting from the underside. 
She parked close to two other cars, but drove away when a blinding light began moving quickly towards her.
In June 1974, an elderly farmer saw a spherical object land in the same area and three or four beings float to the ground, according to
The creatures were three metres tall with small heads and no clear facial features, wearing “glowing silver suits covering their whole bodies up to the neck”. 
The farmer saw a “chute” extend down from the craft, apparently unloading metal cases. Cattle were unloaded and “taken away by normal looking men”."
Do You Ever Get the Feeling You Are Being Watched?

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