" Synchromysticism:
The art of realizing meaningful coincidence in the seemingly mundane with mystical or esoteric significance."

- Jake Kotze

October 5, 2016

Did the 'Back to the Future' Trilogy Predict the 2016 NRL Grand Final Teams?

Is that a big fish like a shark
in that
lightning bolt?
The Sharks and The Storm?
Sharks for 2016 NRL premiers?
Cowboys for 2015 NRL premiers?
Since Marty would have traveled to the end of October 2015
The Cowboys would have already won the 2015 NRL grand final by beating the Broncos.
Great (Matthew) Scott!! 
Co-captain for the
The Sharks/lightning/Storm combination in BTTF would be foretelling the teams in the 2016 NRL grand final then probably, right?-)

Cowboys vs Broncos in the 2015
NRL grand final?
Sharks vs Storm for the 2016 NRL title?
That Spielberg sure puts a lot of work into those films of his;-)
Oh ... and who was the man of the match on grand final night?
Man of the Match grand final night,
Shark's Luke Lewis.
The man with the twin pillars on his back?-)
Luke LEWIS ... and the news?-)
BACK TO THE FUTURE predicts 9/11?
"You Sharks supporters are
 just too darn loud
"Remember, lightning never strikes twice"
from the song '
Back in Time'
Isn't a LEWIS something to do with Freemasonry?-)
Yesterday's Heroes
I mentioned  in the post linked above that -
"At the height of Super League, the Sharks bought the song rights to play David Bowie’s hit: “We Can Be Heroes’’.
Gow adds: “I would love that song to be played again, because it was very appropriate for the Sharks."
Well, it was played at the 2016 final after the Sharks won it, which being the same year David Bowie passed away sent chills up my spine.

Blair Walsh Lived A Kicker's Nightmare

Blair Walsh: Anti-Hero on the Day Bowie Dies?
Some stuff not even Hollywood could write when it comes to real life.

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