" Synchromysticism:
The art of realizing meaningful coincidence in the seemingly mundane with mystical or esoteric significance."

- Jake Kotze

October 29, 2016

R U OK?-)

Shannon Noll is a Sharks supporter, BTW...just in case you were going to ask;-)
"Noll has become a popular internet meme, particularly in Australia. 
The popular phrase 'Shannon Noll was robbed of the 2003  
Australian Idol title' gained popularity in 2015, with multiple Facebook pages appearing featuring the phrase. 
Noll acknowledged the internet fame, finding it 'very funny' and stating 'Some of the stuff they’ve done is bloody brilliant and very clever and very funny. 
I reckon half of the kids putting together these memes need to be on my marketing team!' 
In January 2016 a Facebook page was created titled 'Get Shannon Noll to Groovin' the Moo 2016'. 
Despite the pages thousands of likes the organisers of Groovin' the Moo didn't reach out to the artist to perform. 
In June 2016, the 'GATchphrase' for the 2016 GAT (a theme chosen by the VCE students of Victoria to write into their papers to show group protest) was voted to be Shannon Noll was robbed of the 2003 Australia Idol title. 
An estimated 3,600 took part in this event."
I saw Richie Sambora sing 'Living on a Prayer' at the 2016 NRL grand final and Shannon's version in the above You Tube was no worse.
NRL grand final entertainment: Keith Urban, Richie Sambora, Orianthi
Where my ears were positioned on grand final day, 2016

Being a Sharks fan myself, I'm kind of glad that Shannon didn't sing 'We Can't Be Beaten' before the game, though;-) 
'We Can't Be Beaten'?

Just keep diggin' Shannon. 
Who needs to play Groovin' the Moo anyway?
The real gold is to be found at 'Bluesfest'.
If not, there is always the Springwood Hotel...again;-) 
And I noticed in that 'Happy Days', " jumping the shark" show that the Fonz is wearing sky blue shorts, which given the black jacket and white t-shirt he is wearing, makes up the Cronulla Sharks' colours of black, white and blue.
Go the Sharkies!!!

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