" Synchromysticism:
The art of realizing meaningful coincidence in the seemingly mundane with mystical or esoteric significance."

- Jake Kotze

October 9, 2016

Do You Ever Get the Feeling You Are Being Watched?

Big Brother and big totem spirit animal are watching you?
I was walking around the streets of Canberra on my last road-trip just after visiting Black Mountain that morning -
Black (Iron Prison?) Mountain 
and taking in the artworks on the streets and wondered where my magpie friend that had been following me around had disappeared to.
I then had that feeling that I was being watched and turned around and looked up to see my mate sitting on top of a security camera, so I was probably right on two counts about being watched;-)
It was magpie season and a lot of people fear magpies at this time of year, because when magpies are nesting they will swoop down and attack people that they don't trust.
Touch wood, I have never been attacked by a magpie yet, which makes me feel trusted by one of my favourite birds.
The funny thing is that on all three road-trips I've done this year, if it's not a magpie keeping an eye on me it's a crow.
On the Road with Corvids
I'm starting to think the NSA/CIA might just have the technology to tap into these birds heads and use them as living drones ;-)
Well, I did go and see 'Snowden' at the cinema the night before this walk, so excuse my paranoia for working overtime here.  
Great movie BTW. 
Typical Canberra, roundabouts everywhere ;-)

Call off the dogs please
Anyway, watched, or not I got to see some great art on my walk and I'll post a few of my favourite shots here in case the NSA missed something I was looking at on the day;-) 

Coming out of the STORM?!
That painting above titled, 'Coming Out of the Storm' would prove quite an omen in hindsight when my team the  
Cronulla-Sutherland Sharks would just hold on to beat the  
Melbourne Storm in the 2016 NRL grand final that Sunday night
Here's one for all of you PK Dick fans out there
Even driving back to my motel room in Canberra I couldn't help feeling being watched when I saw these two cockatoos outside my car window.
Was Polly just trying to drive me crackers?-) 
I've probably just been watching too much TV. 
Anyone for TV Dinner Duck?

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