" Synchromysticism:
The art of realizing meaningful coincidence in the seemingly mundane with mystical or esoteric significance."

- Jake Kotze

May 10, 2011

David Lloyd, an Artist I Came Across on the Synchronistic Path

The first time David Lloyd, the artist, came into my awareness, was while reading the book Creating a Life Worth Living by Carol Lloyd (hmm ... could there be a connection ... I wonder?)
Carol asks questions to various artists in each chapter of the book, and David appears early on page 19.
So I Googled  his name and found, not only did David have an art gallery, but he also had an ETSY shop
He even draws Cardinals, Jeni
 ... and a blog as well. 
I've got to say that when I saw his paintings, it was love at first sight, and even though I may not be able to afford to shop in his gallery, I certainly can afford to shop in his ETSY store ... so I did.
He sells a great variety of affordable art in his ETSY store, from baseball card size artworks for $6 a piece, to $75 prints, to $15 to $10 magnetic backed artworks.
One of David's magnet backed artworks
After my raving on about goldfish being one of my creative motifs, what should I find he has sketched, and is for sale in his ETSY shop (for the bargain price of $29), but a bewildered looking goldfish ... similar to one of his sketches below ... but much more bewildered looking (I'll post a photo of it once I get it).
Not as good, but similar to the one I bought off him
I also bought a baseball card sized painting of a Combie van 
(see pic, below), not because I ever was a real surfer,
Flip-side of artwork
but because I consider myself a surfer of the Tao (and the internet;-), and I like the idea of riding on the crest of a great wave ... even if only in the fantasy world of my right hemisphere.
But don't just take my word, check him out for yourselves, by visiting his sites.
If discovering David Lloyd is the only thing that I get out of reading  
Creating a Life Worth Living (which I doubt that it will be), then it was money that I spent well.


  1. All very cool...especially the goldfish find. I will definitely check out his works...very interesting. Thanks for sharing.

  2. I love the goldfish. Love all of them, actually. You have the coolest synchros, Daz.

  3. The goldfish sketch that I bought off David looks much better,than the one pictured above.But he took that picture down,because it was just a one off sketch,which is why I snapped it up in a hurry from his ETSY store.
    When I receive it in the post,I'll take a photo and update this story.
    It's the look of bewilderment on the fish's face that made me want to get the one that I did.It was priceless :-0