" Synchromysticism:
The art of realizing meaningful coincidence in the seemingly mundane with mystical or esoteric significance."

- Jake Kotze

May 25, 2011

LOVE The Aquarians

That's not me, by the way. If you're wondering
Another sync I had while reading The Aquarians, was I had just finished reading Rob and Trish's post called  Graduation Signs  at their blog  Synchrosecrets.
Basically Rob talks about how he was helping his daughter move some stuff from her dorm, and one item just happened to be a board with the word LOVE  painted on one side. 
He met another girl on the way out who was wearing a t-shirt with the word love printed across her shirt.
Which made me think about a guy (see photo above) who used to sell these LOVE  stop signs, for a guy's shop, that  I use to design t-shirts for, and sell.
One of my old T-shirt designs
That's a lady buying one of my designs for her young child, from the shop in Sydney.
And below is another design that sold pretty well, especially around New Years.
Another one of my designs
Rob was also talking about the movie Signs  and how he was thinking about watching it again, and couldn't believe it when a subtitle came up with the Gibson character saying:  
There are no coincidences.
So, I sent him an e-mail about how I won a Signs watch in a competition, with a national magazine (Australia) and sent a photo of it with the e-mail (see below).
My prize Signs watch
Then I went back to reading The Aquarians, only to read this passage next,"It's knowing that life constantly offers you the opportunity to commit an act of love, and that no matter what, love is always the right act to commit. 
Love is always the right answer."
Then a bit further down she talks about one of the disciples asking Jesus,"Teacher, how many times should I forgive someone who has wronged me? 
And Jesus said something like,"seven? Are you kidding? Try seventy times seven!"
Which brings me back to the photo in the post below, of the 77 above the elevator door.
77 or ( 70x7 )?
In the same post, Graduation Signs , Rob also talked about how he was surprised to find a spa tub in his hotel room, and how he saw a newspaper heading that read,
"Where Are The Bathtubs? Most Hotels Go Shower Only".
I thought that was a bit of a sink ... oops, I meant sync ... because I was trying to find information about Lilly, and his flotation tank (which is mentioned in The Aquarians, also) and stumbled upon this article about Disney Home Vacations, and the spa bath that comes in one of those homes
I hope it has Disney channel, as well;-)
I also found this YouTube called Sinkin'in the Bathtub which features the tune Tiptoe Through The Tulips.
Which after seeing the movie Insidious with my son the night before, could lead into another separate post as long as this one.

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