" Synchromysticism:
The art of realizing meaningful coincidence in the seemingly mundane with mystical or esoteric significance."

- Jake Kotze

May 3, 2011

Wouldn't Read About It ... Would You?

My Nancy Pearl Action Figure. Signed by Nancy Pearl ... Shhh!
I bought this 'Librarian Action Figure' around 2006, after thinking about buying it for months, from a mail order store in Sydney.
I thought it would make a good addition to my bookcase, since I'm a bit of an amateur librarian myself;-) 
 Little did I know that she was actually a real life librarian  
(Nancy Pearl), and that she was going to do a free talk, at the opening of a new public library building, in my hometown of Brisbane, the same week that I received the doll in the mail.
So, I booked two seats (you still had to book, even though it was a free event) and took my wife along.
Nancy was selling some dolls after her talk, along with her books.
But she didn't have any of the above pictured, 'deluxe' models.
She was quite impressed when she saw mine, and started showing some of the other ladies around her what the deluxe model looked like.
And then Nancy signed it for me.
I also bought her book Book Lust, but still haven't read it yet.
Sorry Nancy ... I promise to read it soon.
Lucky for me, it's not a library book;-)
Here's a link to the Nancy Pearl Doll site in case anybody reading this would like one as well;
... and here's a link to the deluxe version, and where you can buy them, and check out some of the other dolls at the bottom of the page, like the "Crazy Cat Lady","Waitress Action Figure",
"Deluxe Miracle Jesus"and "Avenging Narwhal".
Plus, check out the video clip of the incredible shushing action of the Nancy Pearl Librarian Doll.
You can visit Nancy's main website here;
Nancy Pearl Deluxe Model Doll
Get a grip on yourself, Nancy!-)


  1. I absolutely love this celebration of the librarian! I didn't know that such a thing existed.

    Thanks for following my blog, was it the Library Project that caught your attention?

  2. Very cool find. And how cool is it that she was speaking at a place you could get a signing...lucky.

  3. BTW...I'm a Mourning Dove...since they surround me in and around my home here...they do seem to be my recurring theme. Ironically the Mourning Dove only has one mate per lifetime...which pretty much describes me....even though my mate is now departed some 22 years now...I still have not replaced him and haven't the desire to do so I guess Trish's post rings very true for me as well..I'm a Mourning Dove! Nice to meet you Mr. Goldfish! hehe!

  4. For Butternut,
    Re:"...was it the Library Project that caught your attention?"
    No,I just thought the doll was cool,I didn't even know it was based on a real person.I just happened to catch an article in my local paper about her,and thought 'hey,there's my doll.She's real!?!'That's when I thought that I had to go along and see was just too much of a coincidence.I was going to get this doll from that mail order company for the last six months prior to her visit.It was just a major coincidence that I found out she was a real librarian,and that she was visiting my city the same week I received the doll in the mail.(and remember that I live in Australia and she's from Seattle)
    You can learn more about her here;

    It was one weird synchronicity that I had almost forgotten about,until I was cleaning my bookcases and saw the doll,and thought I better record that one on the blog,too.Since this blog is just really a journal to record the weirdness in my life,mainly.And that was certainly a weird event.
    She is a very nice lady,by the way,and I would recommend to anyone,to attend one of her lectures,if they get the chance.They certainly aren't boring,like you would expect a librarian's talk to be.And she never had to use her index finger once to shush anyone
    with .-)

  5. MG,
    I can relate to the morning dove theme,too.
    "one mate per lifetime...which pretty much describes me"too,even though my partner is still with me,I've often thought that if we should split,or that if she died before me,that I really couldn't be bothered getting involved again...I'm a bit of a loner...but,I like it that way.Maybe I was a monk in a past life.-)
    But I like a certain amount of solitude in my life,and I really don't want to be in another relationship,partner wise,in this lifetime.I just want to enjoy the company of a few close friends and family,and then be able to retreat to my solitude.