" Synchromysticism:
The art of realizing meaningful coincidence in the seemingly mundane with mystical or esoteric significance."

- Jake Kotze

March 11, 2021


I heard Davina Kotulski mention the movie 'Nomadland' on
'The Mystical Underground' podcast the other day -
The Mystical Underground: 
Davina Kotulski
: Manna From Heaven
ZOOM in the Time of Lock-down?
And I looked the movie up at IMDB and watched the trailer and it looked to me like a film to watch on the big screen, and I kind of felt that maybe I should make the effort to see the movie while it is playing on the big screen, but then I thought if "the universe" really wants me to see it on the big screen then it better send me a solid message, or I might just wait until it's streaming on Netflix or some other streaming service.
Then I get this e-mail from the Palace cinema chain -
And then I also got an e-mail from the Echo newspaper about a real life nine month (... and counting) nomad.
So message received I guess:-)

UPDATE: March 27th, 2021
Good movie, well worth a viewing IMHO.


  1. Looks like a really good flick a review. Finally have time to catch up on your posts. Tipped the Dragons at home and then caught up on news I’m only tipping based on synchronicities this year (and Chinese astrology) looks like Sharks might win this one... I got this one wrong I feel.

    1. That just means that this year it will be a Titans v Sharks in the Grand Final.
      So you might want to place a few bucks on that outcome and thank me at the end of the year Spartan?-)

    2. Hahaha... definitely would be an ‘out of the box’ GF... Sadly tonight’s opener will also feature in the last game of the year. And if Blogos is right, the purple may take it.

    3. Rabbitohs by 20 points tonight ... or more I say.

    4. Storm by a try with a minute to go. Heading to the local to watch it, about two punts away from Leagues birthplace and the reason I’m a Tiger. Another reason being the uncle played in two winning GF - and coached - for Richmond. So had no choice. Sort of synchronous...

    5. Rabbitohs will have the 2 competition points in the bag by halftime.
      It'll be good seeing the Storm on the bottom of the table until the Broncos take that position off them tomorrow night:-)

    6. That was the GF preview...this synchronicity tipping worked. I tipped the Storm because of the Storms coming through on our East Coast. πŸ˜€ ... plenty of errors in the game which is to be expected.

    7. Pity the Rabbitohs only showed up at halftime, might have been a different ballgame if they were there a the start of the game:-)
      And how is Blogos with his purple prediction anyway?

    8. That should be "who" is Blogos?

  2. Also...your Sharks are playing my Tigers in Tamworth this year. Might make the trek up.

  3. The Sharks should have the minor premiership all wrapped up by that round Spartan;-)
    I like Tamworth.
    I stayed there overnight in 2016, visited the Golden Guitar and bought some souvenirs and stopped there for a meal twice more that year on trips back from Sydney.
    There are some posts with pics of my visits somewhere on the blog from 2016.
    The Sharks e-mailed me yesterday about buying tickets to that Round 23 game, but that's way too far into my future to even contemplate about yet.
    The way my finances are heading I could be living out of my Hyundai i30 by then and dragging it around with a horse:-)
    So maybe Tamworth would be the place for me to be by then anyhow?-)

    1. I’ll check out the 2016 edition of your blog for sure Dazzle. Tamworth sounds great, I’ve marked it on my calendar (I think my soccer finishes the week before) might be the battle of the 8th spot. If you do go I’ll buy you a few rounds and if your mob win I’ll buy you fish n chips my friend...hopefully they’ll have some bands playing.

    2. As long as we aren't playing each other to avoid the wooden spoon in that round I'll be happy:-)
      I'd love to see the Brisbane Bozos go back to back with the spoon this year.
      Now that would make me really happy:-)