" Synchromysticism:
The art of realizing meaningful coincidence in the seemingly mundane with mystical or esoteric significance."

- Jake Kotze

August 11, 2017

... And the World is Like an Apple Whirling Silently in Space?

I'm starting to think that there was more to the forbidden fruit/apple story than meets the eye...or should that be i?  
I could imagine the creator being rather pissed if (St)Eve had handed Adam one of these way back when.
Any parent knows just how hard it is to get through to your kids when they are walking around with an Apple in their hands. 
Damn you and your Apple that you handed to the world back in 2007 look what you've done.
The modern apes can't stop touching the damn things.
And they just can't live without their Apple iPhones, it seems.
What is our love affair with smartphones doing to us?
Probably should have been 2007: A Space Odyssey?
"And the world is like an apple whirling silently in space
Like the circles that you find in the windmills of your mind!"
iThink i liked the pre-Apple days more.
This world we live in has gone loopy with the iPhone.

UPDATE: 13th August, 2017
After I wrote the above post about the Apple iPhone I listened to this podcast which parallels what I wrote above and where Michael Phillip writes in the intro to his podcast -
"Embark upon a thought experiment with me if you will –
Imagine you’re fresh out of college and it’s sometime around the year 2000.
You’ve decided to willingly uproot yourself from the perpetually protected, 70 degree cushy cocoon of the western world so that you can move to the Peruvian rain-forest to become a shaman.
A part of the world that’s not only uncomfortable, but deadly.
The fauna and flora could get you, the water could get you, exposure could get you, it’s a situation where you could literally pick your poison if you wanted to. In addition to the existential considerations, there’s culture to contend with.
You’re an outsider, you don’t speak the language or understand how they see the world.
(Though this cast is multifaceted, for more on Ayahuasca and how Hamilton was called to become a shaman check out this episode and this episode).
As staggering as that culture shock would be, let’s say you did it successfully.
You adjusted to the chaotic life of a rain-forest shaman for a decade or so.
Congrats, you’re woke!
Upon your eventual hypothetical return to America, what would you think?
My guess is it would seem hyper surreal, like Disney Land or something.
It would feel like a closed-off cultural dome of excess.
On top of that, in the time you were gone, a massive techno-cultural revolution has took place. 
The memetic digital mycelium exponentially exploded from coast-to-coast like fiberoptic HPV, except instead of warts, everyone now has something called an iPhone.
A little glass rectangle that grants the masses access to another dimension made of light and symbols.
Which, I guess if you put it that way, would make a strange sort of sense to a shaman.
Anyway, This technodelic Twilight Zone episode IS Hamilton Souther’s life.
But this aspect of it, this collision of technology and shamanism, is something I’ve never focused in on too deeply until this conversation."
It's worth a listen I think, but be WARNED there are drug themes discussed in the podcast, so it contains ADULT THEMES.


Vagchandra said...

Who designed the 'action figure'?! I want to give that give that person a hug. That is the most hilarious, spookiest, most understated bit of post-modern, post-apocalyptic commentary ever, on the subject of 2001/Kubrick/Alien tech.

At the time (2011-2013) my only iPhone was used to gaslight me by persons unknown. Either that, or there really was, as the status message once flashed in a scrolling line of white-on-black letters at the top of the login screen, a 'non-ordinary entity trapped in cell phone'. It happened. Not an hallucination, AFAIK. Funny things were caught on the camera too. My Alcatel is much less amenable to strangeness and I like it that way.

Brizdaz (Darren) said...

Apparently you can buy the black monolith figures for real, but I found the face of Steve Jobs in the apple and overlaid the image over the monolith in the paint program, as I did for all the other monoliths in this post.