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The art of realizing meaningful coincidence in the seemingly mundane with mystical or esoteric significance."

- Jake Kotze

August 31, 2017

The Irony of a QUEENSland Newspaper and Margot Robbie as a Red-headed Page 3 Girl, as Scarlett Only Makes a 10?

Page 10 of the same QUEENSLAND newspaper
made page 3 in
Newspapers always seem to be trying really hard to be ironic with their headlines, take for example the front page of the Queensland newspaper that Margot Robbie makes page 3 girl as
Queen Elizabeth the 1st of England from the set of her new movie 'Mary Queen of Scots', where the editor of the paper has that North Korean nut-bag on the front page with the headline "In a DESPOT of Bother".
I hope this editor doesn't ever pick the headliners for a comedy club, let's hope this editor doesn't give up the day job ... or maybe that should be let's hope so?-)
Margot was born and raised in Queensland, as well.
I'm sure that the more ironic stuff in the newspaper isn't planned out as well as the cringe worthy headlines its journos try to make up, for instance, a pretty plain, almost Art Garfunkel looking Margot Robbie clothed from neck to toe on a page that is notorious in Britain for being the page topless women are featured on ... page 3 ... and Scarlett Johansson, some might describe as a perfect 10 is on page 10 of the same newspaper with the headline, " Scarlett sees red in calls for more female-led films".
Art Garfunkel
The real Margot Robbie
But there does seem to be a deliberate slant to a 'Game of Thrones' theme in this edition, not only with sacked Gold Coast Titans coach Neil Henry (the 8th?-) pictured on the front page with two swords/daggers in his back right off the Titan's logo, but also the feared/laughable North Korean clown playing with and threatening nations with his nukes (dragon eggs?).
I'd actually like to put one in Henry's back for his team (who could barely win a game all season) beating my team not once, but twice this year -
The Night of the Undergods/dogs
So, does that picture above mean that Kim is thinking of taking out Uluru, also known as Ayers Rock?
I guess at least he isn't as dumb as to waste a bomb on the Great Barrier Reef, as our own government seems to want to take care of that tourist attraction themselves ... and it's nearly all gone now anyway by the looks of it -
Barrier to Grief and Reefer Madness?
But don't worry about nuclear warheads flying over your head, because the Queensland government are unleashing "Shop and Awe", so you'll be able to plan and shop for a Christmas that you may never reach.
Don't worry too much over those headlines, just try and stay 'Focus'ed and don't lose your head;-)
The steaks are high in the game of thrones?-)
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