" Synchromysticism:
The art of realizing meaningful coincidence in the seemingly mundane with mystical or esoteric significance."

- Jake Kotze

August 30, 2017

A Head Full of Dreams Tour for the Riders on the Storm (and with "Trouble" Following Them Around)?

I saw this news story at the BBC news site this morning and wondered if "Trouble" just follows along with this Coldplay tour, which I didn't realize was still going on around the world -
Coldplay write a song for Houston and sing it... in Miami
I like the band Coldplay, in fact I have their 'Head Full of Dreams' album on my iPod devices and even though I have my iPod on shuffle the song of theirs 'Adventure of a Lifetime' always comes on first, but I don't mind, as I can always press the skip button, although I usually let it play right through if I'm going on a road-trip in my car.
Hmm ... eclipse, space-shuttle, Houston, 2017
The dashboard of my car when I start my iPod shuffle 
424, now there's a number I can relate to;-)
Mt.Warning the first place the sun hits
Australia  every sunrise, barring clouds
I wrote this post about when Coldplay played in my hometown of Brisbane the night of the morning of a fatal storm that that killed an American camper who was sleeping in a tent on a mountain that was used in their video for their song 'Adventure of a Lifetime' just as the camper was setting out on the adventure of a lifetime ironically.
Riders on the Storm?
The camper who was struck by lightning on Mt.Warning
A song written by Jimmy Webb
Jimmy Webb? Up, Up and Away?
Balloons and the Big Sick
A song written by Jimmy Webb
Glen Campbell, Galveston and Hurricane Harvey
I've also noticed on the band's tour dates page at Wikipedia that when the "Fan Request Song" was "Trouble" trouble has often happened after that concert usually in the form of a terrorist attack.
Only Frankfurt, Landover and Toronto haven't been touched by an event like those other cities who requested that song as the request song, as far as I know.
Let's hope the bad dreams and coincidences are over now, as far as this tour goes.
And on a personal "23 Enigma" kind of way I like how the North American set list has Bowie's 'Heroes' at song number 16 
(2016 was a great year for my NRL football team) and song 23 is 'Amazing Day'.
SHARKS 14  def  STORM 12
2016: Heroes, Anti-Heroes, Football, Music and Movies
Coldplay plays in the Seahawks Stadium on September 23rd, 2017, which happens to be my birthday and home stadium of my favourite NFL football team, too.
I wouldn't mind seeing that concert in Seattle, but I'll probably be stuck back in Vegas if I'm not down in Sydney for the football finals.
Welcome to BrizVegas and Just Keep Calm and Carry On
And I hope that the "Fan Request Song" is not 'Trouble' in Seattle.
'Green Eyes' would be kind of synchy though;-)

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