" Synchromysticism:
The art of realizing meaningful coincidence in the seemingly mundane with mystical or esoteric significance."

- Jake Kotze

August 28, 2017

Welcome to BrizVegas and Just Keep Calm and Carry On

I see Prince Frederik of Denmark got refused entrance to the
Jade Buddha Bar in my hometown of Brisbane AKA BrizVegas  about a week ago.
It even made the front page of the local BrizVegas paper, kind of.
Crown Prince Frederik of Denmark denied entry by Brisbane bar over ID
"Queensland's liquor licensing laws have created a "nightmare" for the owners of a Brisbane bar after bouncers were forced to initially turn away the future king of Denmark, Crown Prince Frederik, because he did not produce identification.
Aimed at curbing alcohol and drug-fuelled violence, the new laws require venues open past midnight in Queensland's safe night precincts to scan IDs after 10:00pm.
Prince Frederik is reportedly in Brisbane ahead of the Hamilton Island Race Week yachting regatta.
The stunned royal, who is married to Australian-born Princess Mary, was only let into the Jade Buddha on Friday night after the Queensland Police Service's dignitary protection unit convinced security they could permit him to enter without breaking the law.

BrizVegas T-shirt
I notice the Prince was refused entry at 11:23 pm, which is 23:23 in army time, which kind of makes it a 23 enigma as the late
Robert Anton Wilson would say.
Bit of a coincidence that I was born on the 23rd of September and that BrizVegas t-shirt of mine pictured above (that's not me wearing it though) is priced at $23.20;-)
But what the Prince really needs from my Zazzle store is one of these badges pictured below.
Or one of these to hand out to uncooperative bouncers.
Or maybe wear one of these on your crown when you enter any BrizVegas bar?-)
I don't know what's so good about the Jade Buddha Bar anyway...not that I've ever been in it, but next time you're in BrizVegas Prince Frederik give me a call and I'll get you into the Brisbane Lions club, which would probably be a better night out to tell you the truth...and I'm not lion about that either:-)
It's all happening on the 23rd of September at the Lions club by the looks, but I'm hoping to be down in Sydney, if the Sharks are still alive in the finals.
Who knows what could happen I guess by then?-)
Synchronicity Happens Wristwatch
Maybe we could just go out and grab a pizza?-)
And that's not a PizzaGate reference either for any bonehead thinking of crashing the party with a firearm.

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