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The art of realizing meaningful coincidence in the seemingly mundane with mystical or esoteric significance."

- Jake Kotze

August 2, 2017

Life: "...It Requires Heart to Jump into the Game and Play"?

Bec gains heart and hope
I finished reading a 10 year-old book that the "book angel" slapped in front of me when I was dropping off old books from my bookcase to give those "book angels" in the shop some more ammunition for other patrons of the store.
The Book Angel (of Death?) and the Shadow Side of Life?
The book was written in 2007 and there will be more about that year (and this book) in future posts on my blog, but this post is about the subject of heart and life...metaphors and real hearts.
At the end of the book Allison writes, "life requires heart to jump in the game and play".
And in the acknowledgements Allison wrote, "A special mention for the Hartman family: please know that our hearts go out to you all".
The bizarre thing about that is that I just listened to a podcast where Bec Craven was interviewed about her heart transplant and having to wait for a heart from someone who would have to pass, so she could get their heart -
Model Bec Craven Caught a Cold and Then Needed a Heart Transplant
I love the image above, even though I wouldn't consider myself a Christian (I don't really like labels that much), although I am a member of the Liberal Catholic Church and don't have a problem with being one....not that I have been to that church for over 20 years.
I have visited other churches from time to time, but it's dogma I have a problem with when it comes to any church, or religion.
I like the esoteric side of Christianity, but like Gandhi said, 
"I like your Christ. I do not like your Christians. Your Christians are so unlike your Christ."
So, I have a problem with a lot of Christ's "followers" when they get on their dogmatic high horse and start deciding who THEY think is going to hell, or not...a place I don't even think even really exists...but I'll find out about that right?-)
Thanks for all of your "good" wishes you wonderful "religious" people out there.
I guess I'm just one of those spiritual, but not religious people you hear people using as a qualifier when asked about beliefs.
Taoism and Christianity?
I'm quite prepared to follow my own heart when it comes to spiritual heart that is, not that lump of meat beating in my chest.
And I hope that I'm never placed in the heart waiting line at the hospital, touch wood (banging on my hollow head).
I do wonder when brain transplants will be available, though;-)
A Show About Psychics! But You Already Knew That

UPDATE: August 3rd, 2017
I saw the sad news yesterday after writing the post above that Andrew Denton has been diagnosed with advanced heart disease and must now have a triple bypass within days, just as the Andrews Government prepares to introduce a historic bill to Parliament -
"Television personality-turned-euthanasia advocate Andrew Denton has been forced to pull out of the campaign to legalise assisted dying in Victoria because he has been diagnosed with advanced heart disease.
Denton is one of the directors of Go Gentle Australia, which he established last year to lobby for voluntary euthanasia around the country.
The organisation's campaign manager Paul Price insisted work to give terminally ill people the right to a doctor-assisted death would continue while Denton recovered from surgery.
"The Go Gentle campaign continues in full force," Mr Price said.
May the Force be with you I say, I'm all for the right to die if you are dying anyway and are in terrible pain.
I have a tattoo on my left arm which is covered by my watchband most of the time that states, "If I'm ever on life-support unplug me".
Life Support?
It has no legal weight if I am ever on life support brain dead, but it's there for my children or loved ones to not feel so bad if the doctors ask them if they want to switch the machine off, because it's right there on my wrist (if my arm wasn't ripped off in an accident that is) so they know what my wishes are. 
Here is a great podcast featuring Andrew Denton where he explains his motives for lobbying for voluntary euthanasia -
Andrew Denton asks, can Australia legislate for better death?
I wish Andrew all the best for his upcoming heart operation and a speedy recovery, as I feel he has some important work to do in the years ahead of him in this life...and I'm not just talking about lobbying for voluntary euthanasia.
By the way, DENTON is a name that is associated with my own father's life and death, but it's a bit too much personal information to tell just yet as to why that name is so important in my family's life, but in a few years I may tell of the connection there.
But it's a big one.
Organ donation 'opt-out' petition led by teenager who received two kidney transplants

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