" Synchromysticism:
The art of realizing meaningful coincidence in the seemingly mundane with mystical or esoteric significance."

- Jake Kotze

June 6, 2018

The Tide is High for the Dark Archetypal Angel of the Water and the Sky?

A screen shot from 'The Tide is High' video
'The Tide is High' 
I picked up my copy of Chris Knowles' book
'The Secret History of Rock 'N' Roll' yesterday, a book I had been meaning to read for some time, and I started reading the chapter titled 'Vox Populi: The New Apollos' and one band that I never really paid much attention to when I was growing up caught my eye.
40 year anniversary for this album in September 
Skeptiko #381: Chris Knowles of Secret Sun on the Met Gala (Psyop?)
A screen shot from 'The Tide is High' video
I had just read Chris Knowles' latest 'Secret Sun' post, as well, so the archetypal siren theme was well and truly swimming in my mind as I looked into the themes in 'Blondie' and Deborah Harry's work - 
Meet Your New Gods 3: Mermaid Apocalypse Now!
Deborah Ann Harry (born Angela Tremble; July 1, 1945)
In my ignorance I always thought the name Blondie was what the lead singer went under, not the name of the whole band.
Origin: French, Spanish, American, Italian, Latin, Greek

A screen shot from 'The Tide is High' video
I'm not suggesting that 'Blondie' is some engineered band to pull the wool over the masses, but in hindsight they have tapped into something on a "collective unconscious" Jungian level it seems.
The 40th anniversary for this album 'Parallel Lines' falls this September 

Hmm...I see two very big "Parallel Lines" in the 'Heart of Glass' clip above, too;-)
In case of fire break glass/siren?
I find the track listing on 'Parallel Lines' interesting too in hindsight knowing what we know now about the fate of those two big parallel lines at the start of the 'Heart of Glass' video.
"Picture this, a sky full of thunder
Picture this, my telephone number
One and one is what I'm telling you, oh yeah

Picture this, a sky full of thunder, telephone number (911)?
Probably a good thing the month in 'Picture This' was December and not September I think.
Picture this?!
And 11:59?
The metaphorical one minute to midnight?
'I'm Gonna Love You Too' is a Buddy Holly cover and of course he died in a plane crash -

"Shortly after 1:00 am on February 3, 1959, Holly, Valens, Richardson, and Peterson were killed instantly when their plane crashed into a cornfield five miles northwest of the Mason City, Iowa airport shortly after takeoff"
"I'm gonna hear bells ring"?
For whom?
Please Kill Me?
Atomic Blondie
An X-Files book co-written by Chris Knowles
Gary Lachman (AKA Gary Valentine X-Blondie band member)
I just want to mention another synchronicity...or coincidence that I read in the news today involving the name Valentine.
Kate Spade, fashion designer, found dead in her New York apartment at 55
Queen of hearts?
"Kate Valentine (born Katherine Noel Brosnahan; December 24, 1962 – June 5, 2018), known professionally as Kate Spade."
Gary and Kate were both born on December 24th.
Gary was born in '55 and is 62, Kate was born in '62 and was 55.
Kate Spade/Parallel Lines?

God may not play dice, but does run one heck of a poker game it seems.

UPDATE: June 7th, 2018
Speak of the...X-Blondie...himself, this morning I caught the first part of Gary's talk with Miguel Conner at the
'Aeon Byte Gnostic Radio' site, which you can hear in the You Tube below.

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