" Synchromysticism:
The art of realizing meaningful coincidence in the seemingly mundane with mystical or esoteric significance."

- Jake Kotze

June 15, 2018

When God Winks?

Eurydice plays a girl murdered on a Tuesday night in Melbourne
I had to think twice about writing this post, because there are two recent tragic news stories about the deaths of two young women who died in rather dark synchronous circumstances highlighted here, that if they had of been the type of coincidence that would have occurred in happier circumstances might have been termed a "God wink".
Are You Winking At Me?
This whole blog was set up to look at the rather bizarre phenomena of what Carl Jung termed "synchronicity", not just the "synchs" that happen in my own life, but those that happen in the news that gets reported in main stream media.
Some people of a religious bent like to call synchronicities other terms like "serendipity" or "God winks".
I love a good "God wink" as much as anyone, but what about the dark "serendipities" of life?
Do we just sweep them under the carpet because those sort of "coincidences" are too bleak to think about?
Why Study Coincidences?     
I stumbled across the You Tube video of a short play Eurydice Dixon was in called 'A Date With Death' where she plays the murder victim of a woman killed on a Tuesday night.
I wasn't familiar with Eurydice's work as a comedian and was trying to see if there was any of her stand-up routines on the net and that's when I found the play she was in.
In hindsight it was jaw-droppingly chilling when hearing about how Eurydice died in real life.
Young comedian identified as alleged murder victim
"An aspiring comedian was only a few hundred metres from her home when she was allegedly raped and murdered in a Melbourne park.
Eurydice Dixon's had sent a message to a friend as she walked home after a gig on
Tuesday night, The Age reports."

There is a raging debate in the comments section of the You Tube page as to whether the video should be left up on the net or not, out of respect to Eurydice and her friends and family.
Good question.
I'm kind of in the camp that says it should be left up as a reminder that life isn't "all good" .
Isn't that what comedy is all about anyway?
Taking the dark ironies of life and mirroring them right back at us to have think about life?
All the world is a stage?
This Too Shall Pass?
I'm not trying to play down Eurydice's death as just some sick joke that "the universe" played on everyone involved in the event, I'm trying to say that the profession she was trying to make a name in is full of comedians who have taken the tragic events of life...and pretty much tragedies in their own life...and put them into stage stretches to show us just how absurd life and the people in our lives (including ourselves) can be.
On that basis, and not to make light of the abominable way she died at the hands of a mentally sick and deranged person, I think too that Eurydice would probably want the video left up.
Death and Comedy?
Then there was this tragic "bad luck" coincidence news story (above) in the media about a woman who was killed on her 33rd birthday while out jogging.
"Caroline Davis should have been celebrating her 33rd birthday on Tuesday.
Instead, she had her life tragically cut short while out on a morning run.
Emergency services were called to the intersection of Honour Avenue and Bridge Street in the Brisbane suburb of Chelmer on Tuesday morning following reports a pedestrian had been hit by a ute.
Ms Davis was rushed to Princess Alexandra Hospital in a critical condition, where she died a few hours later.

It makes you wonder when you see these tragic kind of news all good comedians do...just what life is all about. 
Is it all just one big senseless joke, or is there more to it than meets the eye?
God winks?

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