" Synchromysticism:
The art of realizing meaningful coincidence in the seemingly mundane with mystical or esoteric significance."

- Jake Kotze

June 30, 2018

It's About Time and Life?

"The idea behind the album is it's a full working day at a job, meaning when it is complete, there will be around nine hours of music - sufficiently filling an entire day of work with electronic noise.
Each moment of a day is timed to a track of music along with a custom comics panel."
I stumbled across Ethan Persoff's 'The Bureau' project when I was researching pogosticks for an upcoming post I was working on (which is now this post I guess), because of reading about a pogostick in the novel of Nevil Shute's 'On the Beach'.
In the novel the atomic submarine captain goes on a desperate search to buy his daughter back in the USA (who is most likely dead anyhow) a pogo stick, but all of the shops in Melbourne, Australia have sold out of them.
He becomes obsessed in his pursuit to buy one for his daughter, along with a fishing rod for his son, so he can give them out as gifts to his children.
Unfortunately in the story the only thing the captain's generation would give to his chlidren's generation was a human-ending nuclear war and radiation poisoning.
The toy pogo stick in the novel 'On the Beach' is used as a plot device in a similar way to the childhood sled in the movie 'Citizen Kane' (well, at least I think it is, although in a different nostalgic, but hopeful kind of way).
But I don't recall the pogo stick playing a part in the movie version like it did in the book.
In fact, I don't even remember it being mentioned in the movie.
"The Pogostick is an unfinished comic book series written by
Al Columbia and drawn by Ethan Persoff.
It is a black comedy about the day-to-day struggles of Audrey Grinfield, a mentally disturbed office worker at an industrial design firm.
Two issues were published by Fantagraphics Books in February and December 2003 before the story was abandoned.
The Pogostick was well received by critics and was nominated for a 2004 Harvey Award for Best New Series."
Hmm ... Pogo cartoons and clock punching reminds of my old boring time wasting job.
The IKEA Monkey
We do some insane things in our lives alright.
I guess some things that Nevil Shute writes about in his novels never really go out of fashion it seems.
They just grow more extreme.
The latest toy catalogue that I found in
my mailbox features
pogo sticks 
You might want to stock up on pogo sticks while you can;-)
'On the Beach', Not Being Able to See the Forest for the Trees and Permaculture?
Hmm ... I wonder how hard it would be to grow 
your own peanuts?-)
Beats working for them, I think.

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