" Synchromysticism:
The art of realizing meaningful coincidence in the seemingly mundane with mystical or esoteric significance."

- Jake Kotze

June 17, 2018

These Bootes are Made for Walking?

These Bootes are made for walking?
I just watched the trailer above for 'Ocean's 8' after reading a few current 'The Secret Sun' posts about the Met Gala and Lyra.
I'm Looking Through a Hole in the Sky
Skeptiko #381: Chris Knowles of Secret Sun on the Met Gala (Psyop?)
You can listen to Alex and Chris talk about all of the shenanigans of the real Met Gala event from this year in the You Tube below.
Have a read through Chris' latest post and then watch that
'Ocean's 8' trailer again and you might just view it a bit more differently.
Amal Clooney Hits the Red Carpet – in Pants!
Looking Through a Hole in the Sky?
Aida Garifullina born in 1987 on the back of a fire-bird?!
I find it interesting that if you swap the O and A in the word Goal around it becomes Gaol (jail).
Gaol vs. jail
The Secret Sun and Orange Entertainment?
Do not pass GOal/GaOl?-)
Also 'Ocean's 8' was released on 'World Ocean's Day' in the USA.
Why Matt Damon's Ocean's 8 Cameo Was Cut
"So, where was Matt Damon in the midst of the Met Gala heist?
In February 2017, the actor confirmed to E! News that he was set to return as Linus Caldwell and would begin filming "in a few weeks." 
Damon would be the lone main cast member from the original trilogy to reprise his role.
"My scene is not with any of the boys," he said.
"From what I understand there will be more boys in it, but I don't have any scenes—as far as I know—with any of the other boys in it.""
Matt was in Queensland, Australia, holidaying by the ocean in June
Matt Damon's 'Ocean's 8' role, which was protested over #MeToo comments, cut because of 'narrative,' says director
And another surf story from the same paper Matt was pictured surfing in?-)
Matt Damon Is Finally Done Making Dumb Comments About the #TimesUp Movement
And OMG!
In the same paper Matt was pictured near the ocean surfing, Morgan Freeman is fighting claims about sexually harassing 8 women.
Can you believe it?
The same paper suggests by this story that maybe you shouldn't perhaps?
The world is full of strange tales/tails it seems lately, don't you think?-)

UPDATE: 18th June, 2018
Is that 8 strings on the poster?
With Chris writing about the lyre and Lyra and me seeing those, what looked to me like guitar strings in the 'Ocean's 8' poster, I wondered just how many strings a lyre is meant to have and found this article -
The Lyre
"The offset columns in relation to the center of the back may have been an indication that the eight-string configuration was utilized as a model for the coins.
For the purposes of our discussion, I have elected to use the
eight-string scenario.
As we shall see, the only difference between the an eight-string and a seven-string model is only the lowest string D."
"Throughout history, the image of the lyre has been a symbol of music and musicians for centuries.
The symbol of the lyre is used by Steinway Pianos as their logo, a large gold lyre sits atop the music hall in Amsterdam, numerous coins have been struck with its image and even the rate chevron I wore as a guitarist in the US Navy Band had a lyre.
The lyre is an icon familiar to most of us and is one of the instruments depicted on the coins of the bar Kochba revolts, ca. 132 CE. Referred to in Hebrew as the kinor, (Heb. ke-nor', che-nor') and translated herein as lyre, this string instrument was at the heart of the musical system of the Levites."
"In the Hebrew texts there are three references that relate to "lyres on the eight" or "over the eight" or "in front of the eight" (Heb. al hä-sha-me-net') (1 Chronicles 15:21, Psalm 6 and 12).
Taken one way, this could refer to the number of strings used on the lyre. 
Taken another way, it might refer to the fact that the tones of the lyre were an octave (eight diatonic tones) higher than the harps.
Taken still another way, it could refer to the physical location of the lyres in relation to the harps (i.e., in front of the eight - refering to the eight harp players spoken of in 1 Chronicles 16:20)
The later Hebrew writings of the Talmud relate in their dialogue that the lyres of the Levites had seven strings, but would have
eight strings when the Messiah comes."
The Secret History of Rock 'n' Roll?


The Secret Sun said...

Awesome synchery, Darren. Lots of grist for the mill here. Cheers for the shoutouts.

Question about Amal Clooney though- how is it these celebrities never seem to gain weight when they're pregnant? It never changes their breast size, they never seem to acquire gestational diabetes, they pop out their babies and it's back to size O.

What's their secret?

Brizdaz (Darren) said...

Interesting that you brought up the post baby bodies of celebrities, as I saw this story about Ann Hathaway who had a baby boy just before filming this movie -

"Anne Hathaway was showered with compliments on the set of Ocean’s 8 not long after she gave birth to her son.
The actress and her husband Adam Shulman welcomed their tot Jonathan in March 2016, and later that year she began filming the all-female installment of the heist film series.
While she was conscious of still carrying some baby weight, her co-stars made her feel fantastic when the shoot began.
“It was really significant to me because it was my first movie after having my son,” she told Ellen DeGeneres during an appearance on her show.
“I walked on the set and my weight’s a little up and I’m just aware of it. And I walk onto set, and I’m in my jeans and I’ve done my best and I’m going to love myself no matter what and Sandy Bullock just looks up and goes, ‘Looking good mama.’
And I was like, ‘Oof that made me feel amazing.’
And then Cate Blanchett’s like, ‘Nice jeans Hathaway.’
This is so great!
And then Rihanna looks up and goes, ‘Damn girl, you got an a*s.’
And I of course was freaked out and loved it so much and go, ‘Really?’
And she goes, ‘You got an a*s like me.’
And I can honestly say I’ve never had that experience on a film set before.”
The 35-year-old went on to reveal the shoot was a “real love fest”.
And it wasn’t just the A-list cast that made Anne feel at ease, but director and writer Gary Ross too.
“One of the lucky things about being in this business for so long is that I’ve really come to terms with the pressure that you get to look a certain way as an actress, and I don’t beat myself up about that stuff anymore,” Anne confessed.
“But after I had my son the weight was really slow to come off, so I was a different size to what I normally am and the director told me, ‘That’s great, we have eight women in this movie, we need to have as many body types up there as we can'.
Which I was really relieved to hear.”

On a personal note, my ex-wife only ever looked about 3 months pregnant when she was about to give birth to our two boys, so every woman is different I guess when it comes to post baby bodies.