" Synchromysticism:
The art of realizing meaningful coincidence in the seemingly mundane with mystical or esoteric significance."

- Jake Kotze

June 7, 2018

All the World is a

Indigenous Australians are advised that this post includes images and names of people now deceased.
Was it the 10th or 11th of May that Tommy passed away?
I saw in my local newspaper of the passing in May of two Australian actors, one Tom E. Lewis the star of movie
'The Chant of Jimmy Blacksmith', and the other an actress named Cornelia Frances.
Ray Meagher with Cornelia Frances in 'Home and Away'

I also noticed an actor who linked the two deceased actors together in that "Six Degrees of Kevin Bacon" type way, Ray Meagher, as he starred in the movie 'The Chant of Jimmy Blacksmith' with Tommy and in the TV show 'Home and Away' (a TV show I can't stand to watch, but my ex-wife loved to watch by the way) with
Cornelia Frances.

Ray Meagher as Dud Edmonds in 'The Chant of Jimmy Blacksmith'
The Chant Of Jimmie Blacksmith Trailer
Starring Tom E. Lewis as Two Bob
I have never watched 'The Chant of Jimmy Blacksmith', but I did see 'The Proposition' where Tommy played a character named Two Bob.
Then I see in the same Queensland newspaper that featured the passing of Cornelia Frances a full page advert for a stage play coming to Brisbane starring Ray Meagher as a character named Bob.
And to top off the "Six Degrees of Kevin Bacon" thing,
Jack Thompson, who I wrote about in this post -
Jack Thompson Having a Whale of a Time Opening the Commonwealth Games and Being on the Queensland's Gold Coast?
Jack in the movie 'Swinging Safari' as the Mayor
also starred in 'The Chant of Jimmy Blacksmith' with Ray and Tommy.
The movie 'Swinging Safari' starring Jack Thompson was filmed on the Queensland Gold Coast and written and directed by
Stephan Elliot, who wrote and directed
'The Adventures of Priscilla, Queen of the Desert'.
You might say that there is a bit of a red thread running through all of this.
And while I'm yet to see the movie 'Red Hill' starring Tom E. Lewis, on my own personal "Six Degrees of Kevin Bacon" encounters with actors, I have run into Steve Bisley, who plays Old Bill in 'Red Hill'.
Stillways: A Memoir
And I have also run into the man who wrote the novel that the movie 'The Chant of Jimmy Blacksmith' was based on,
Thomas Keneally.
Keneally's List
So all the world does seem to be one small stage when it comes to the screen and all of it's players. 
81. Django Unchained (#61)
Or should that be stagecoach?-)
Also on the subject of stages I see a new one is being built in Brisbane and this year the Australian TV awards have moved to the Gold Coast from their home in Melbourne.
Looks like the Gold Coast is Australia's version of LA and Vegas all rolled into one.
Alas, poor Melbourne, it would seem.

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