" Synchromysticism:
The art of realizing meaningful coincidence in the seemingly mundane with mystical or esoteric significance."

- Jake Kotze

May 28, 2018

Why Study Coincidences?

"Coincidences are not rare.
My research suggests that coincidence is a part of many people’s daily lives—and could be part of many more people’s daily lives if they were to pay closer attention.
Most people have experienced at least a few coincidences, and perhaps 30 percent of the population experiences them frequently.
In the past 20 years, the number of books and papers on meaningful coincidences has expanded exponentially."
"People who are more aware of coincidences in their lives may better take advantage of “planned happenstance”—a term coined in the vocational counseling literature.
A study led by Jim E.H. Bright of the University of New South Wales showed 74 percent of participants had been influenced by a chance event in their career development.
Such chance events included being in the right place at the right time, unexpected professional or personal connections, obstacles in an original career path that led to a better path, et cetera."
"I noted in a previous article in this series Jung’s use of coincidence in psychotherapy.
He coined the term “synchronicity,” which he generally described as a coincidence that is meaningful and that helps one’s individuation.
To individuate is to become more clearly ourselves—to become more genuine, more authentic, more real to others, and to know with increasing clarity our strengths, weaknesses, and desires."
"When Jung encountered synchronicity in his life, he would often take it as a sign to look within and reassess his attitude toward his current situation or his actions."
"With all the potential for personal growth, increased understanding of our connections with others and the world around us, and the simple fascination and beauty of these mysterious events, why wouldn’t we study coincidences?"
I had listened to the Tara MacIssac interview at Dr. Bernie Beitman's podcast site months ago, and my ears pricked up when she said she chose to locate to the town of Denmark in Western Australia.
This seemed a detail that would prove somewhat important in my near future, but I couldn't think just why.
I am planning to visit Western Australia in the next few years, but I hadn't planned on visiting Denmark on my travels.
My mother's side of the family are Danish, that is from the European country of Denmark, not the Western Australian town, so I thought maybe that's why the mention of the town caught my attention at the time.
But I knew deep down it wasn't really any of those things, but it would become apparent why in my near future, so maybe I do have to pencil in a visit to that town when I travel west?
Tara said she also settled there in Denmark, because she was looking for a decent surfing spot, so bear that in mind for a future post I will write and link back to here -  
That Simon Baker movie above was filmed in and around Denmark, Western Australia:-)
The Many Faces of COINcidence?
It's a well-worn clichΓ© I know, but everything really is connected ... and in more ways than we will ever know it seems.

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