" Synchromysticism:
The art of realizing meaningful coincidence in the seemingly mundane with mystical or esoteric significance."

- Jake Kotze

April 1, 2024

April Fool's Day 2024? 🀑

I have never watched the Australian movie 'Harlequin' before today, when I watched it on the free Australian streaming service 'Brollie', which ironically stars Robert Powell, the actor who I watched play Jesus over the last three nights on my 'Jesus of Nazareth' DVD -
I paid $1 for my DVD at the Op Shop:-)
And of course, with it being Easter Monday as well as April Fool's Day the cosmic joke was not lost on me:-)
"Harlequin (known as Dark Forces in the United States) is a 1980 Australian thriller film directed by Simon Wincer and starring Robert Powell, Carmen Duncan, David Hemmings and Broderick Crawford. The film is a modern-day retelling of the historical figure Rasputin."
"The script was written with David Bowie in mind for the lead role and conversations were had with Bowie but the filmmakers got "cold feet" at the last minute and cast Robert Powell. The original choice for the role of the senator was Orson Welles but he wanted $80,000 a week for two weeks so Broderick Crawford was cast instead."
I would have loved to see that Bowie/Welles version, but Powell is very good in the role, I thought.
I still say Robert Powell's eyes are green and not the bright blue that they try to sell you on the 'Jesus of Nazareth' movie poster, although granted in some shots they can appear blueish.
But most of the time they look green to light green/grey.
Don't be fooled by the blue-eyed Jesus posters to promote the TV show and those -
Chameleon Eyes?
"It was the first film funded by the newly formed West Australian Film Council. Funding also came from the Australian Film Commission, Greater Union, Ace Theatres of Western Australia and Pact Productions, with the final $50,000 coming from Hemdale. It was the first of several films Ginnane would make with Hemdale."
The first day of the month is also a "white rabbit" day and I see that Wayne Bennett has managed to get his team the Redcliffe Dolphins to the top of the NRL table this weekend ... but the Sharks are circling his team -
Wayne Bennet?

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