" Synchromysticism:
The art of realizing meaningful coincidence in the seemingly mundane with mystical or esoteric significance."

- Jake Kotze

April 26, 2024

Auto-Bibliotherapy of a Rebel?πŸ“–✍πŸ“•πŸ‰

If you live in
Australia, it's hard not to notice that Rebel Wilson has a book coming out on May 8th, 2024, or as Aussies like to call the date M8 (MATE).
That date rings a personal bell for some reason:-)
Oh, to be a dragonfly on the wall when it comes to the truth, right?-)
The dragonfly that flew into my home on May 8
Look Mate (May 8?-), a Dragonfly Just Flew Into My Home?
From 'Watching the Tree to Catch a Hare' 
Apparently, if you buy the Australian edition when it comes out, there will be a chapter missing, but if you buy the American version the chapter is included. 
"Rebel Wilson has seemingly lost her battle against Sacha Baron Cohen in the fight to have her memoir released intact.
Australian readers will be unable to read an entire chapter where Wilson detailed her account of working with Cohen.
Despite already being published in the US, Australian and New Zealand versions of the book were held from shelves due to a legal battle that’s now been resolved, forcing Wilson to edit the book in the process.
HarperCollins Australia confirmed that “for legal reasons we have redacted one chapter in the Australian/New Zealand edition and included an explanatory note accordingly. That chapter is a very small part of a much bigger story and we’re excited for readers to know Rebel’s story when the book is released, on Wednesday 8 May.”"
THE HUSTLE is a Remake of DIRTY ROTTEN SCOUNDRELS, which is a Remake of BEDTIME STORY? πŸŽ₯🎬
The Story of Trent Dalton's Stories ... and Life?
It seems like everyone has
a story to tell these days, or even a semi-fictious story to tell:-)
Clelland, Bird and Name Synchronicities?πŸ¦‰πŸ¦πŸ“•
Faith based non-fiction?!
It's amazing how a bit of press
... good or bad ... can boost book sales or movie and TV shows, too, for that matter.
Boy Swallows Universe ... and That Red Bridge at Darra?πŸŒ‰
I have to admit that I once thought it was a coincidence that Trent had a Blue Fairy Wren hit a window in his BSU novel as a major plot point in his story, while I started my synchronicity blog because of a blue bird hitting my window.
But it was a Sacred Kingfisher that hit my window, not a Blue Fairy Wren -
That's the window the bird hit
The Bird that Flew into the Window
The Fairy Wren stepping out
to greet me at 
Port Arthur
But I have written about Blue Fairy Wrens as well on my blog, well before Trent's book came out, like in this 2016 post -
Hit Me with Your Best Shot
Two souvenirs I bought at
the start of my road-trip
And I had written about 
Blue Fairy Wrens well before that -
And I have written how meaningful the Brisbane City Hall is to me personally, with me having grown up in Brisbane, like Trent did, and how the City Hall clock tower plays a central role in his novel -
Brisbane City Hall
So, I now wonder if Trent didn't read my blog at some point and used some of my story for his story?
Not that I care if he did, as I like the story he crafted to make his story, as I think it is a real work of art.
I'm just curious to know where the Blue Fairy Wren hitting the window idea came from for BSU and whether it was all just one big coincidence that a Brisbane blogger would have similar synchronistic events happen in his own life with birds and fate?-)
I guess only Trent would know the answer to that one?
Oh, and Rebel's book comes out in Australia just before the Mother's Day Weekend;-)
You could say right on Time to get your mum a Mother's Day gift:-)
Sacha Baron Cohen's birthday falls on October 13
Ten Thirteen, X-Files and Time
I should add that while I had this post in "progress" mode, because I had to go to work when I first posted this post and then finished it off after I got home, someone donated the above book to the Op shop I worked at that day and soon as I saw the dragonfly and kingfisher on the front cover, I just had to buy it:-)
What were the odds of that book crossing my path that day?
There weren't any Blue Fairy Wrens in the book though:-(

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