" Synchromysticism:
The art of realizing meaningful coincidence in the seemingly mundane with mystical or esoteric significance."

- Jake Kotze

May 12, 2019

Our Planet?

Now there is a modern day metaphor
 if I ever saw one;-)
I just finished watching the 8 part Netflix series 'Our Planet' narrated by Sir Dave, plus the bonus feature at the end of part 8 called 'Our Planet: Behind the Scenes' and I couldn't help thinking that screenshot above with the '911 days at sea' sums up the modern day plight for the planet in more ways than one really, no matter what your views may be on "climate change".
I was surprised watching episode 7, 'Fresh Water' to learn that pelicans fly 500 kilometres from the sea to a desert lake to have their young and then take off again in a few weeks' time when the lake dries out again.
Just after I watched that show I saw this news story about the lake -
Across Australia’s central deserts, floodwaters are filling Kati Thanda-Lake Eyre, but with the water comes a message: let the rivers run.
It's a great show to watch and marvel at the beauty of the planet and to be baffled at the predatory nature of nature.
It's also amusing to sit down with a Vegan friend and play spot the Vegan animal in the wild;-)
I saw this weeping(?) Buddha fountain today, too
SPOILER ALERT: there aren't that many Vegans in the animal kingdom.

The dragonfly that flew into my home on May 8
Look Mate (May 8?-), a Dragonfly Just Flew Into My Home?


  1. Darren the Buddha is in repose. Awake and aware. Everyone is a Buddha, open those doors of perception. Awake your minds eye.

    It is a pleasure to follow your blog. So much to see and hear and discern. You ROCK!!! 87

  2. There is a bigger story in my perspective behind that Buddha fountain Dennis, as I was at that venue yesterday with my family to celebrate a Mother's Day lunch my younger sister had organized (herself also a mother and grandmother ... how time flies right?-).
    It's the same venue we had lunch at last Mother's Day where I wrote a post about the appearance of a crow butterfly and the significance of that synchronicity to my own life experience -
    'There is Harmony in Everything, It's a Butterfly Who Waits for the World?'

    While I know there is great suffering in this material world (just like the Buddha says) Dennis, I'm also someone who had an OBE at a young age in my present life, so I know that there is a whole lot more to life than what meets the eye in this world we live in, but I have a lot more to learn about both worlds yet I feel.
    Stay tuned Dennis ... because everyone has an instrument to play in this universal orchestra we are in;-)