" Synchromysticism:
The art of realizing meaningful coincidence in the seemingly mundane with mystical or esoteric significance."

- Jake Kotze

May 13, 2019

Look Mate (May 8?-), a Dragonfly Just Flew Into My Home?

The dragonfly that flew into my home on May 8
You were born on May 8, mate?-)
I haven't had a significant encounter with a dragonfly since I wrote about a small dragonfly I encountered in my motel room in Byron Bay one night while staying down there for a Shamanic Medicine Forum -
A Dark Night of the Soul?
I've written about what I think of dragonflies on this blog before also -
The dragonfly at my sliding door May 8, 2019
The Art of Patti Dragonfly
I wrote in my recent post -
Synchromysticism and Synonymy?
"Go to the 1:40 minute mark of the You Tube below to see Wayne tell that story ... it's a good one and I have one of my own to post about from an incident that happened to me yesterday soon."
I also wrote a post about going outside at night in my backyard to watch the sky while I contemplate my life up to this point -
Under the Milky Way and the Southern Cross Tonight?
I have a major decision to make soon as earthly events are forcing my hand with current events in my life, so I've been making it a habit in more ways than one, to go outside and spend at least the time it takes to smoke one cigarette to be under the stars and contemplate my life in the bigger picture.
I haven't had a smoke since just before my father passed away, but I decided recently to buy a packet of cigarettes to smoke at the rate of one a day(night), just to get myself out of the house and think about my life.
After the pack is finished that's it with the smokes and time to make my decision as to which path I'll take ... as if I really have a choice though, right?-)
Tell God your plans, as they say, right?
On the night of May 8 I was outside thinking about the new mat I had bought with the moths on it laying on my kitchen floor to replace the mat I had with butterflies on it I had bought after a significant encounter with a real-life butterfly -
Which Life Path to Take?
As I was opening my back sliding screen door to go back into my unit a dragonfly flew past me and tried to fly into my home, but because I had been smoking just around the corner, I had shut the glass sliding door to keep the smoke out.
The dragonfly caught between my sliding screen and glass door
I hadn't seen a dragonfly in real life for ages, so I was rather surprised to see one try to get into my home that night.
I didn't have my phone/camera on me at the time, but as I tried to shoo the dragonfly out of the screen door so I could open my door without letting the dragonfly into my living room and to fly up my stairwell where I would have no chance of getting the dragonfly out of my home, the dragonfly flew further along the door enabling me to open the glass door and get in without letting the dragonfly in.
But now I had another problem, as the dragonfly was trapped between the glass door and the screen, and I had to open the glass door to open the screen door to let it out into the backyard.
While I was thinking this over, I grabbed my phone to take a picture of the dragonfly.
After I took the pictures of the dragonfly trapped between doors, I opened the glass door slightly to allow myself to open the screen door, but the dragonfly was too quick for me and flew into my home.
Luckily it took a right turn into my kitchen instead of flying straight ahead into my living room and potentially up the stairwell where I would have Buckley's chance of getting it out.
I didn't think how funny it was at the time that the dragonfly flew around my new "which way" kitchen mat before flying into the laundry room and landing in front of my washing machine on the tiled floor ... but I do now:-)
And I also think it's ironic hearing Nahko's opening lines in his song 'Dragonfly' (below) of, "you should put that cigarette out, you should have faith in my mouth, like my mother, like your son, like my temperamental lungs, each piece fits into the next like I'm not black and I'm not white both revere me in my sight ..."
My mother is in remission from lung cancer, although she never smoked in her life, as far as I'm aware.
While the dragonfly was on the floor of my laundry, I decided to grab a clear food container from my kitchen cupboard to place over the top of the dragonfly so I could contain it while I carried it outside. 
The dragonfly on its wings laying on the floor May 8
As soon as I came in with the container ready to try and catch it without scaring it off, it flipped itself over onto its wings and just lay there on the floor as if it was dead.
I was looking around the house for some cardboard or paper to slip under the container so I could carry the dragonfly out the front door and release it outside.
I ended up finding a Mother's Day flyer on my dining room table I had left there to remind me to get mum a present for Mother's Day which was on May 12th.
I tore a page out and slipped it under the dragonfly, took it out the front door and let it go.
I was sure there were one hundred things or more as messages in that encounter with the dragonfly on May 8, a lot which probably flew over my head at the time ... pardon the pun.
Sir Dave's birthday is May 8
I didn't realize it until I wrote my post about having finished watching the incredible 'Our Planet' series on Netflix, that May 8, the night of the dragonfly visit was Sir David Attenborough's birthday -
Our Planet?
The weeping Buddha I saw yesterday
Mother's Day May 12th and a dragon flying?-)
Yesterday May 12th was Mother's Day and my sister booked the same venue to have Mother's Day lunch at as I wrote about in this old post from last year -
There is Harmony in Everything, It's a Butterfly Who Waits for the World?
Nothing much out of the ordinary happened at lunch yesterday with my family, though I did notice a weeping Buddha fountain as I walked from the carpark to the venue and back.
I couldn't help but think of the 8 episodes of 'Our Planet' I had just watched throughout the last week on Netflix and think what a beautiful world we live in, but one full of suffering in the cycles of birth and death.
Dragonflies almost always make me think of Mayflies and just how brief like their own time on earth really is.
The month of May certainly does fly doesn't it?-)
And while I'm still not into Superman or Jesus and have since given away all of my Superman paraphernalia in this old post, I still resonate with what I wrote in that post -
Supermen Follow Their Hearts
I've certainly been learning some valuable lessons in this Year of the Pig, 2019.
And my "personal inner guidance system" tells me that's not all yet folks;-)

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