" Synchromysticism:
The art of realizing meaningful coincidence in the seemingly mundane with mystical or esoteric significance."

- Jake Kotze

June 21, 2013

Andras Jones - Accidental Initiations

Andras Jones - Accidental Initiations
"Andras Jones is an actor, musician, writer and the host/creator of Radio8Ball
He is best known in film circles for his role in
 Nightmare on Elm Street 4 but Jones has also toured extensively as a musician in support of his band The Previous, and his own solo work. His first book  
Accidental Initiations: In the Kabbalistic Tree of Olympia was published by Sync Book Press in 2012
We'll begin the program by asking a question and getting an answer by randomly selecting a song and interpreting it as the answer,
like playing musical tarot cards
Then, we'll discuss themes from Andras' book, Accidental Initiations such as the synchronistic pursuit, cinema as a psychedelic medium and memory as a kind of time travel. 
Andras will talk about the The Kabbalistic Tree of Olympia and the ritual drama of unconsciously "walking the tree of life." 
We discuss how the tree of life forms a sacred geometric grid on the body consisting of a series of power points also called chakras or Sephiroth. 
Jones explains how "a balanced diet of cults" plays into the needs of fulfilling the chakra system. 
We end the hour on the Jewish opinion that says 40 is the ideal age to begin to study the Kabbalah.
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I've had my own syncs with Andras after reading this book and you can read about them here -
Accidental Initiations
Sylvester Park, Olympia
My cat Sylvester
Underwood Park, Rochedale, Australia
My cat is buried across the road from this gazebo 
(which wasn't there when he was buried) 
 which is on the other side of the world from Andras' gazebo.
Well, technically you'd come out in the middle of the Indian ocean if you dug a hole through the earth to the other side, but it's still  not that far off. 
If you dug a hole to the other side of the Earth, where would you come out?

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