" Synchromysticism:
The art of realizing meaningful coincidence in the seemingly mundane with mystical or esoteric significance."

- Jake Kotze

June 30, 2013

Mind, Body and Spirit Festival; June 29th

Card 29 and 30 of the
World Animal Dreaming cards
I had just finished reading Scott Alexander-King's book  
Animal Dreaming on Friday night (see my last post) and saw that Scott had sent out the word on his Facebook page that he would be giving a talk at the Mind, Body and Spirit Festival in Brisbane, where I live.
Scott's talk at the MBSF in
Brisbane, 29th June, 2013
I haven't seen Scott in person since my first
Byron Bay Writers Festival in 2011, where I bought a copy of his book Animal Dreaming
I didn't really want to go to the festival, as I'm trying to watch my pennies and didn't want to have to pay $18 to get in, plus another $12 to park.
The funny thing was I got lost trying to find the $12 car park and found one of the last remaining spots in Alexandria St (Alexandria - Alexander-King?-).
It was just outside the bird pavilion of the
Brisbane Exhibition Grounds, and it was free, so I saved myself $12:-)
The funny thing was I bought a deck of the World Animal Dreaming cards after Scott's talk and when I got home found out the crow card was #29 and the date of the talk was June 29th and there was a heap of crows flying around him just outside the window as Scott was giving his talk.
I also bought his new book, Earth Mother Dreaming.
Scott being mobbed after his talk
There is always plenty of free spots
when you get back to your car, hey?-)
I cut it a bit fine mucking around and getting lost and only managed to get to the talk as it was just literally starting.

After the talk I went for a walk around the Festival, since I was already there and had paid my admission.
A sign for sale at one of the stalls. A sign?-)
I feel uncomfortable at these shows, because while there are genuine folk there,
there are also snake oil salesmen and woman trying to get you to buy their services or products.

I got the feeling that I should
avoid the reading room?-)
I liked some stalls and felt cynical about others, but hey, who am I to judge, right?
Is that a Broo F O that I see in the above photo?-)
Broo F O?
A Crystal bed? Good vibes, right?-)
I expect Indy Jones by at any moment now;-)
I Finish one book and come home with another, just what I needed.
I just can't break this reading habit.


  1. This looked like an interesting little festival Daz... lots of odd things going on. Are Aliens still a big thing then in Oz? They seem to feature a lot in your pictures above.

  2. @King
    They are as big as anywhere else in the world I guess.
    They probably look more prominent at the festival then they really were because I just tended to focus on that part in the post above,because I knew some of the regular reader's here were into this subject.

  3. They do a similar festival in Cornwall - mixed stuff though, the genuine and the plain nutty. Noticed the skulls - not quite Damien Hirst!

    Looked interesting.

  4. You're right Mike,it is a very mixed bag at this show,from the outright charlatans,to the nut-bags and to the genuine.I never would have gone if Scott had not of mentioned that he was doing a talk on his Facebook site.
    I've only met him once before in 2011 at Byron Bay,where I bought his 'Animal Dreaming' book.
    But I'm glad I went.I got to pick up his latest book and deck of cards,and a few other things along the way including a lot of free interesting reading material.

  5. Great synchro with the crows! I would be quite happy walking around here. I especially like the UFO booth!