" Synchromysticism:
The art of realizing meaningful coincidence in the seemingly mundane with mystical or esoteric significance."

- Jake Kotze

June 15, 2013

Synchronicity: Timing's Everything

 I had just finished uploading this post in the link below -
On The Right Track, Too
"Between The Lines"
It was about train-lines and being on the right track.
It covered a heap of syncs that keep propelling me on my mysterious journey forward.
You'll just have to read it, as there is too much to recap here in this post.
I've been going through old magazines I bought on grocery shopping trips months ago but didn't get around to reading at the time.
My magazine pile that I'm working my
way through (the 4 bottom shelves).
I had no idea where to start at the time, so I asked the universe to give me the magazines in order that would be relevant to my life at the moment. 
I really didn't think this would work, but work it has, and far better than expected. 
I made up my mind to go with the flow, so when my hand randomly pulled out a Men's Style magazine 
(the one before the one pictured above) 
I thought this was going to be a waste of time sync wise, but at least I could read them and then give them away and make some more shelf space.
I read this article about Gavin Pretor-Piney and how he wrote his first book The Cloud Spotter's Guide.
 and then followed up with
The Wave-watcher's Companion,
Which I had bought about a year ago and still had sitting unread on my bookcase.
So, I took that as a sign and pulled it out of my bookcase and started reading it as well.
The Queensland cloud that inspired Gavin
Gavin first had the revelation that clouds looked like waves when he flew over the above cloud in Queensland, Australia, the state I live in.
Reading that article and starting on
The Wave-watcher's Companion
inspired me to write this post -
Not in Kansas Anymore?
And reading the above article in one of the  
Men's Style magazines from the pile inspired this post -
Cars Too 2
Ferrari in
This morning though, I was reading the above article on the Ferrari factory in Italy, just after I had read about the Ferrari red colour on page 111 of The Wave-watcher's Companion
Page 16?
The page above is out of the same issue as the Ferrari article, which I thought was amusing as I have had some major syncs with
Mike Perry at his 67 Not Out blog.
There is a link here to the story about John Lennon -
Kevin, Walls and Bridges
Life is stranger than fiction.
I agree.

From the same magazine as the above.

On The Right Track, Too? 

"Between The Lines"

After posting the above story about being on the right track,

I went back to reading the Men's Style magazine wondering if I was 
on the right track, because I feel like my life is heading off the rails at the moment.
I keep feeling that if I'm on the right track, then where is it taking me
and when am I going to get there?
Then I turn the page in the magazine and see this.
Wave Watches/Watcher's?

Yvonne Strahovski

On The Road 

With Proust

The last page of the magazine that I'm reading features the movie 
On the Road, a movie I saw at the cinema and was thinking about 
buying on DVD.
 On Friday I got a letter in the mail from the movie magazine Filmink to tell me my subscription was up, and if I wanted to renew I could pick one on the above DVDs.
On the Road is on the list as well.
'Here Comes the Boom'?
Train crossing?
"He wasn't quite 42 years old".

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