" Synchromysticism:
The art of realizing meaningful coincidence in the seemingly mundane with mystical or esoteric significance."

- Jake Kotze

June 3, 2013

Sparrow/Self-Reliance Syncs

Sky blue bird egg bird house
I was reading about the sparrow in Scott Alexander-King's book Animal Dreaming where he writes a chapter on the sparrow called, "Sparrow/Self-Reliance".
Scott writes that -
"Sparrows were revered as symbols of protection by the peasants of medieval Europe, who lived under intense oppressive rule.
So much so, they were thought to embody a deity once believed to protect homes and family ".
Sparrow eggs
Scott writes about feudalism and how the rune 'fehu' has roots to the word feudalism.
Fehu – “Fay-Who – Literally: “Cattle” – Esoteric: Mobile Property, New Beginnings, Wealth
Key Concepts: Wealth, money, food, sustenance, Hamingja, luck, personal power, circulation of power, financial strength, prosperity

Fehu – Rune Meaning 
Which reminded me of a great blog I frequent called Rune Soup
Scott then writes about hero stories involving bears, eagles, wolves and boars -
all symbols of aristocracy, and how the sparrow overcomes them.
It's sparrow's ambition to see us all realize self-preservation and autonomy, Scott writes.
Although, easier said than done as the clip below demonstrates.
WARNING: Footage of birds getting shot and killed in the clip below.
 Apparently, sparrow, starling and rock pigeons can be hunted without a license in The States, or Canada, or where-ever this guy is hunting.
Sparrow dreaming offers us a voice and the strength to express it.
It empowers us to stand on our own two feet and see the world as a blank canvas waiting for us to paint it. 

Hand-Painted Miniature Paintings

by Chris Sparrow

Hand-Painted Miniature Paintings 

by Chris Sparrow

Those pictures above are from Mike Sparrow's website.
He makes doll house miniatures like the eggcups and other items below.
Mike Sparrow miniature silverware
Mike Sparrow miniature silverware
Mike Sparrow miniature silverware
While not all sparrow eggs are blue, a lot of them are, so the
blue egg is a good representation to me of sparrow dreaming/symbolism.
Robin eggs can be blue, too.
Sparrow egg of a different colour
Sparrow eggs
About 7 chapters down in the Animal Dreaming, book after the sparrow chapter is a chapter on the pheasant.
A pheasant
Which is almost an opposite to the sparrow totem, because the sparrow is a bird for the peasants, while the rich people's bird are the pheasants, oddly enough.
Sorry to any vegetarians reading this, but I came across this video of a guy plucking and gutting a pheasant and underneath his
You Tube was this -
" We are aiming to become self-sufficient in food and have had to learn how to pluck and gut pheasants
See more about trying to become self-sufficient at
The self-sufficiency site is a pretty good read, too.

And if you think the guy gutting the pheasant is barbaric, remember nature is pretty cruel, whether you like it, or not.
 Just watch most nature channels on TV to find out.

Eggs or ice cream?

Creative Fridge magnet Cute Sparrow 

Eggs Magnet + Bird Hold

I like the idea of the blue sparrow egg as a symbol of self-reliance.

It could almost be a symbol for the Occupy movements around the world, where the time has come to rely more on ourselves than the big corporations ... not an easy task, I know.
 The blue also reminds me of the colour of my dream car and animal totems -
My WTF Birthday Card
I think we all yearn for self-reliance and a wish to be free of the repressive way society seems to be headed.
That's why cages seem to be so popular in gift shops, I feel.
On my trip to Bangalow, I couldn't help but think of how popular empty cages, or cages with fake birds are at the moment.
And I think it is our subconscious, or even conscious expression of the freedom we want in our own lives that make these popular sellers.
Maybe the sparrow and it's blue egg will become popular expressions of self-reliance as well?

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  1. Synch for me. Just finished writing about sparrows as messengers. Very interesting esoteric info here, daz.