" Synchromysticism:
The art of realizing meaningful coincidence in the seemingly mundane with mystical or esoteric significance."

- Jake Kotze

June 26, 2013

Whale Dreaming: Record Keeper

Flow Like Poe?

"Whale opens the vaults to creation, offering sacred access to the knowledge stored within.
She journeys with us, guiding us back to the deep core rhythms of nature and our instinctual connection to the cycles of life.
She helps us remember our personal truth and wisdom and how to reconnect to the heartbeat of the Universal Mother Whale.
Whale wants you to rebirth your emotional body and to revive yourself physically by tapping into the knowledge of your own genetic memory and personal rhythm. 
In doing so you will remember the sacred bond you innately share with all things and, in doing so, you will ultimately find the knowledge to heal yourself and your family.
You may even glean insight into how the rest of humanity may follow suit."
From the book Animal dreaming.

Migaloo, the only documented white humpack whale in the world

" Migaloo, the world-famous white humpback whale, has reportedly been spotted on the annual mass whale migration to the Great Barrier Reef. 
The 14m-long albino male, previously the only documented white humpback whale on the planet, is a star feature of the 12,000km journey.
This time he is again joined by another, as yet unnamed, white whale.
Known by the aboriginal word Migaloo, or "white fella", the acrobatic animal is believed to have spawned at least one all-white offspring after a white humpback calf was photographed in the Whitsundays in 2011.
Scientists are trying to obtain DNA samples from Migaloo and the newcomer to confirm if they are related.
If so, experts say, it would be an incredibly rare natural phenomenon."
Rare white whale Migaloo and another white whale migrate north from Antarctic waters
" Migaloo, or his doppelganger, will today be close to Hervey Bay, a popular whale watching destination near Fraser Island, off the central Queensland coast.
The white whale was first reportedly sighted near Yamba, in New South Wales, moving slowly north among a group of six other whales about 10.30am on June 13.
The White Whale Research Centre, one of several websites dedicated to Migaloo, has posted the sighting on its latest bulletin.
It also has another unconfirmed sighting of a different white whale on the same day in a pod of four, 1.5km off Stanwell Tops, near Wollongong.
Xanthe Rivett, of the research centre, said: "They're back.''"Maybe this will be the year we uncover the mystery of this rare pair of white whales,'' the Cairns-based underwater photographer said."
But, maybe Migaloo is just heading up to Queensland to witness an historic win for New South Wales (Whales;-) over Queensland in tonight's State of Origin match?-)

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