" Synchromysticism:
The art of realizing meaningful coincidence in the seemingly mundane with mystical or esoteric significance."

- Jake Kotze

June 29, 2013

Dolphin Dreaming: Breath

The dolphin swimming across my book-self 
This is my last planned Animal Dreaming post from
Scott Alexander-King's book.
I've enjoyed doing posts on these animal dreaming archetypes and I feel it has really helped me to identify different aspects of my psyche in a shamanic sense.
Me (left) with my older subnormal brother
This picture just about sums up the story of my life;-)
And before you think all this Dreaming stuff is for trippy hippy types with their head stuck in the clouds thinking everything is
"All good" (a saying that truly pisses me off, by the way), let me tell you that I have known right from the "get go" that
everything is not all good, and I don't pretend it all is, but it might be all part of some cosmic (but cruel at times) learning curve.
The world is heavy, man;-)
I have always felt the constant weight of the world on my shoulders and have always thought of the constant unfairness of life and its meaning.
My brother has always been the constant yin to my yang and if I ever need proof of the unfairness of life, I need look no further than the above baby photos.
He can't talk and still craps his pants at nearly 50 years of age.
I don't think he has ever used a toilet in his life, apart from the early failed attempts to train him, so you can imagine the strain on my parents lives looking after someone like this that is constantly smashing the house up with his wild tantrums.
A more recent shot of my brother
I'm not saying that my life has been all bad, but it has been far from all good, so I'm not some naive airy fairy type of person, and I guess if I didn't have an out of body experience at around 11 years of age, then life may have been lived through a lot darker lenses on my part.
Verity by Damien Hirst
I reluctantly included the above background of my life, because I feel it has a lot to do with 'Dolphin Dreaming' and the idea behind it and why it appeals to me so much.
 I love the above Tori Amos clip, Taxi Ride, as my father drove a taxi, but we didn't own a family car, so the family got driven around in an off-duty taxi cab all the time ... which was sometimes embarrassing.
"Dolphin is one of the Spirit's midwives.
She is present when we are born; she helps us take our first breath and then pilots us through life in much the same way she guides boats from port, reminding us to breathe as we embark on all creative ventures. 
The time spent in the womb is sacred.
 It shapes our view of the world before and after we are born. 
Realizing what life was like for both you and your mother while she was carrying you will help explain why you act and react toward life the way you do, the way you feel toward your family, why you hold your breath in times of stress and why your view of yourself has developed as it has.
Your sense of security and confidence, your relationships and even the type of employment you seek, are all determined by the quality of time spent in your mothers womb and the conditions under which you drew your first breath.

Verity The Pregnant Nude

 Woman of Ilfracombe

Animal Dreaming
"What you do with this this understanding and how you let it affect you is the key to a healthy, happy experience. 
Dolphin prompts you to review your life by asking questions that may trigger heartfelt reactions to your time in your mother's womb. 
Ask yourself what life was like for you and your mother during this time ... see this as an opportunity to reclaim your power, to rebirth and to finally honour the first breath you ever took."
One reason that I could never buy the notion of Christianity was the idea of only living one life.
Looking at my brother I could never understand this notion of being judged on just one life, so reincarnation has always appealed to my way of thinking about life. 
I will never buy the 'only one life' idea of some religions, it just won't gel with me, I'm afraid.

Dolphin Dreaming

Verity the Nude Pregnant Woman Statue
with the Chapel in the Background
Thanks to my friend Mike Perry who synched just at the right time once more with these beautiful pictures he took that I've re-posted here from his blog -
Verity The Pregnant Nude Woman of Ilfracombe

Life can be rather cruel and ironic at the same time it seems, as I received this t-shirt in the mail the day of my brother's funeral under Covid social distancing conditions of no more than 20 people allowed to the funeral and with all mourners having to sit apart from each other, which somehow seemed to sum up my brother's life to me and what I think his birth/life did to the family members there at his farewell.


  1. That was a heart felt post Darren.

    I can't believe that we are judged on one life either, because our beginnings are so different. There is so much unfairness.

    I guess this is why I have to believe in karma, it seems the only answer. But it's hard to accept at times when, say, considering your brother and also the effect this has had on your parents - and even yourself.

    Life must be a learning curve but I haven't met anyone who has convinced me they have the answers. I guess some of us are scrabbling about looking for them.

    Your animal archetype posts have been very useful - thanks.

  2. From your post series, it certainly appears to have been a genuine shamanic experience... which is never 'sweetness and light'.

    As for anyone considering it 'airy fairy'. That is SUCH an Australian term. :) And anyone who would use it derisively demonstrates their complete lack of understanding of Faery and its denizens. Less Tinkerbell, more Brothers Grimm.

    It's been a great series. Nice one.

  3. @Gordon
    Re:"airy fairy"
    You're right about it being such an Aussie term,ha ha.
    It's a term used out here like Cartman off South Park when he says "I don't wanna hear any more of that tree huggin'crap,hippie".
    Like "I don't wanna hear any more of your airy fairy crap,hippie"

  4. @Mike
    Your right about the answers,but I do have all of the questions.-)
    Did you notice the Damien Hirst (the artist responsible of your statue) clip at the bottom of the post called 'Breath'.
    Coincidence ?

  5. That should have read -the artist responsible for your statue - in the above comment :-)

  6. Here is another sync.Scott was in town to give a talk at the Brisbane 'Mind,Body and Heath Expo' today,so I went and got there right at 3.30pm,the time that he was due to talk.Timed to the last second literally.
    I bought his new book and new oracle cards.
    Might do a post about the festival,as I snapped a few shots while there.

  7. Yes, saw the Damien Hirst clip - I don't like a lot of his artwork, as others often do most of the 'work'. e.g. His "For the Love of God" skull originally on sale @ £50 million

  8. I'm thinking, Daz, that you are the shaman. You've gone thru your intitiation, you're the one on the quest and it is leading you into some mighty interesting places.

    One life makes absolutely no sense to me, no more sense, in fact, than anything else about organized religion.

    Onward.That's the best that any of us can do.

    This is a beautiful post.