" Synchromysticism:
The art of realizing meaningful coincidence in the seemingly mundane with mystical or esoteric significance."

- Jake Kotze

June 11, 2013

Let's Help Andras Get Out from Behind the 8-Ball and Get His Website Back Up and Running

"I said 8-Ball, not meatball!";-)

Radio 8 Ball

Don't let Freddy win.
He wants
8-Ball off the table for good
Let's help Andras get out from behind the 8-Ball and get his website back up and running so we can watch some more shows like these-

Radio8Ball is a pop oracle.

Since 1998 Radio8Ball has existed on the radio, live onstage and in video form on the web. 
From the early days of the internet we have maintained a web presence, offering show information, pod-casts, and the interactive online oracle where you can get your Radio8Ball reading free any time day or night. 
Just ask a question. Engage the oracle. 
And get a randomly chosen song as your reading.
For many of us, Radio8Ball has provided a bridge to a deeper experience of synchronicity and I know there are lots of you who appreciate it as much as I do.
 I have grand aspirations for Radio8Ball, and I am grateful to all who have supported the project thus far. 

The R8B website is down.

I just found out that the current Radio8Ball site is out of date. 
Until it is fixed it will be an ugly inaccesible mess. 
It’s going to cost $3000 to have the work done, and I am hoping that some fraction of the tens of thousands of you who have used the website and enjoyed the show over the years, will demonstrate your support for this endeavor and contribute enthusiastically.
Aside from the popular online oracle function, the site currently houses hours of podcasts featuring Allen Toussaint, Dan Bern, Tig Notaro, Casey Neill, Bart Davenport, Recess Monkey, Toy Newkirk, Ralph Metzner, Daniel Pinchbeck, James Combs, Jon Auer, Willie Wisely, Lili Haydn, Ian Moore, Pamela Adlon, Natasha Leggero, Dino Stamatopolous, Andy Dick, Sandman: The Rappin Cowboy and many, many more, engaging the pop oracle in search of answers to questions as varied as the human experience. If this campaign is fortunate enough to raise more than our goal I will put the additional funds toward producing new Radio8Ball content, probably more podcasts, and if the sum is large enough, who knows? 
The goal is to produce a TV show, but I’m getting ahead of myself. 
Right now I just want to get the website back up and working.


I suppose it’s a drag that the website is down. 
I thought so at first, but now I'm looking at this campaign as an opportunity to engage the medium of crowd-funding and see what kind of synchronicity we can unlock with it. 
My experience with Radio8Ball has taught me that the sweetest answers almost always come from the least likely sources. 
That’s you? 
Maybe it’s someone you know. 
Surprise me with your enthusiastic generosity. Please help keep Radio8Ball going with your contributions and by sharing this campaign with your friends who do synchronicity. 
And of course, remember that Indiegogo has share tools to make it easier for you to support this campaign.

Nightmare On Elm Street 4 


Let's help keep him on target.
"Hang on, I have to go donate to the
8-Ball Radio website campaign."
Let's make Andras' Christmas come early this year by getting the website back up.
Darn those kids with their Radio 8-Ball.
It melts my heart to listen to it.
Let's get Andras out of the dumps and back on the net;-)


Only about 42 hours left before the campaign comes to a close.
So, what's your answer?-)
Come on all you sync-heads out there, let's make it a dream, not a nightmare for Andras.

And here is a sync.
Andras' father's birthday is today 
(in the States that is, because Oz is a day ahead)  
and if he were alive still would have been 88.  
Nightmare 4 came out in 1988.
Radio8Ball - IndieGoGo Campaign Update - June 10th 
(Happy birthday Richard M. Jones)

I just threw in $8 (US) and had to pay
$8.88 AUD.

PayPal Conversion Rate as of 11 Jun 2013 : 
1 Australian Dollar = 0.901364 US Dollars
Is that auspicious or what? 
I would have loved to put in more, but I'm out of work at the moment, so even $8 is a killer to my finances. 
And someone threw in $1000 bucks 
(and my spidey senses have a pretty good idea who that was;-)
I was only putting the word out for small donations from the sync minded communit, I didn't expect a splash that big in the pool.
Cheers to who ever that masked man was;-)

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