" Synchromysticism:
The art of realizing meaningful coincidence in the seemingly mundane with mystical or esoteric significance."

- Jake Kotze

June 8, 2013

Cicada Dreaming: Life Cycles

Reading about cicadas I was astonished that they live underground for 17 years before they come out, discard their old shells and get their wings.

Sweet Cicada Necklace

The above necklace would make a good 17th birthday present for a young lady about to spread her wings
Looks like a snappy present you might say, after watching the above video?-)
Old shell and new wings of a cicada
Cicada, according to Animal Dreaming, comes as a wakeup call, a chance to surrender all fear, release all burdens and pains from our past and look forward to a prosperous future.
It embodies the harmony found between Yin and Yang, the balance between dreaming, conception and action and the necessary shift from depression to clarity, restraint to freedom and weakness to strength.
Return of the Cicadas

Pinata Design Studio

The above pinata would be good for a seventeen-year-old's birthday bash, I think;-)
Sir David Attenborough
Bit of a sync also with all of the Animal footage I've been uploading from David Attenborough TV shows about animals this week was this news story about him -
" World-renowned natural historian and broadcaster Sir David Attenborough has been forced to cancel his Australian tour to undergo emergency heart surgery.
The 87-year-old Briton will have a pacemaker inserted during surgery in London on Tuesday (local time).
As a result, Sir David's sell-out tour of Australia, which had been due to begin in Brisbane next week, has been cancelled.
Tour organiser Simon Baggs has released a statement saying Sir David hopes the live Life On Earth shows can be rescheduled."
Sir David Attenborough cancels Australian tour to undergo emergency heart surgery


  1. You never got my comment on this post either by the looks of it Daz. I love the sound of Cicada. To me it marks the start of good weather. We don't have them in the UK. I wonder why?
    Check this out!

  2. "He's got his genitalia out"... what sort of video have I sent you?!?!?