" Synchromysticism:
The art of realizing meaningful coincidence in the seemingly mundane with mystical or esoteric significance."

- Jake Kotze

June 28, 2013

Life is a Journey, Not a Destination

I wrote on this blog not long ago how I was going through my old magazines to finally read the ones that I had just thrown into the pile without reading and yesterday I pulled this magazine out of the pile randomly,thinking what am I going to sync with in a travel magazine, since I hardly have traveled at all in my life.
Turns out there were heaps of things in this magazine I've been synching with lately, enough for a few posts at least.
For instance, Mark LeClair had this picture below on his Facebook page this morning, with the caption -
"Ahhh dem good dayz."

Free/Flow Syncs

Me in my 888 car
I often write my name as Daz, which in Australia is a shortened version of Darren or Darrel.
So, the da(y)z caught my eye when flicking through the above magazine and I see this ad-
Daz(e) away from $42(5)
The New Zealand phone number ends in 888

St. Kevin, Hollywood, 

42 and Reflection ...

Another Pablo Picasso like picture in cinema 3

St. Kevin is Resurrected

(Updated June 27th)

The Flipside 

of Lennon

The salt project is on page 42
Salt and Saltwater
Singer Pete Murray racing in Bangalow.
Below Murray Fredricks (Salt)
Murray Fredericks - Director And Camera
The 'green behind the gold', or
'The Place Beyond the Palms and Pines'?-)

Scarecrow Festival

My English friend Mike Perry had just written a post about the village he had spent a few days (daze;-) in, in which they were having some kind of scarecrow festival
The Red Sky and The Invasion of the Scarecrows  
and what do I find in the above magazine after telling him about a mountain town not far from where I live that holds an annual Scarecrow festival in October?
... and Banjo's Bushland Retreat all
on the same page, more or less.

On the Right Track?

The book I've just read, 30 Days in Sydney by Peter Carey
The book that I'm reading now,
Gifts of Unknown Things
by Lyall Watson

The Cosmic Egg 

and the Dragon

Another book that I have
just finished reading
Illustrations from Animal Dreaming
and Gifts of Unknown Things

The Upside-Down Pineapple

Inside back cover of the
Australian Traveler magazine.

The Flipside 

of Lennon

My book that arrived in the post the same day that I heard this 
podcast on 42 Minutes -
Episode 90: David Plate (MK Ultrasound) . . . 
Chapter 19 of The Sync Book Vol. 2

where Lennon and the Beatles 'White Album' were being discussed .
You wouldn't read about this kind of stuff, would you?-)


  1. Whew. The journey, not the destination!

  2. The post is a journey in itself!

    Thanks for the scarecrow mention. On the video about the festival (at 57 seconds) there is a woman with a flower hat. By 'coincidence' I've just written a post for Tuesday and included in this is a photo I took which is similar.

    It's a strange journey at times.