" Synchromysticism:
The art of realizing meaningful coincidence in the seemingly mundane with mystical or esoteric significance."

- Jake Kotze

January 23, 2017

Prime Number Signs?

At least we know 42 isn't a Prime Number;-) 
I bought the magazine, 'The Big Book of Why?' in Manilla on my first road-trip last year -
Manilla, NSW
The magazine asks more questions than it answers, which is good for getting the mind thinking and mine started thinking when I came across the section that asked "Why are prime numbers so important?"
I'm not really into maths, but I couldn't help noticing just how big a role (roll?-) prime numbers have played in my life.
Numbers like 23, 11 (11:11?), 67, 13, 2, 3, 7.
But those numbers have played their part in my life as personal signs and synchronicities, phenomena that many people would scoff at and say is just made up in my head.
Maybe, but the same thing can be said for prime numbers, it seems.
Just how "real" are they?
Are Prime Numbers Made Up?
Some people would believe that synchronicity is nothing more than luck, but there is another question, just what is luck and can it "really" be good, or bad?
I think that there are a lot of things that science can't explain and some of their current theories just don't add up in my opinion, synchronicity being one PRIME example. ;-)
I like the idea of prime numbers only being divisible by one (God?) and itself (me/you?-), because that's how personal synchronicity is in my view. 
EVEN if it may not be true.:-)
And I think 23 should be the real answer to life, the universe and everything, as it is made up of the first two prime numbers 2/3 and is a prime number itself.
Being born on the 23rd I'm probably a little biased, but 42
Come on!

January 22, 2017


Good pod-cast episode at 'Third Eye Drops' with "white witch" 
Maja D'Aoust on a range of interesting topics -
Musings in this mind meld include –

Resolutions and forgiving yourself
Led Zeppelin and the occult
The phenomenon of synchronicity and Carl Jung
The Importance of myth
Is magic real? What is it?
What does it mean to be a witch?
Divination, The I Ching and a live experiment

And below is an interview with Maja on Duncan Trussell's show.
The Duncan Trussell Family Hour #142. "Maja D’Aoust THE WHITE WITCH OF LOS ANGELES"
Hollywood Babylon; Mind Control & Cinema by Maja D'Aoust White Witch
I found the above You Tube interesting, even though normally I would run the other way if I saw the words 
"Hollywood Babylon, Mind Control & Cinema" in the one sentence, because I'm a bit of a fan of modern cinema and while I'm sure there are people who try to exploit any medium for nefarious purposes the bottom line of the Hollywood studio bigwigs is $$$$$$$. 
I think that there are just as many spiritual films coming out of Hollywood, as trashy money making formula films.
That said, I don't doubt the CIA had programs such as 
"Project Monarch" and "MK Ultra", as Maja mentions in her above talk.
'A Clockwork Orange' is a fine film example that Maja mentions in her talk that shows you how that it is possible to use these techniques, not because Kubrick was trying to turn you into one of Satan's marching zombies, or anything like that, but he does play the same trick on a captive audience through his film by using the song,'Singing in the Rain' and a disturbing rape scene while the main character Alex sings and dances to the song while the rape takes place.
This is a slight form of an MK Ultra type mindf#ck, because once you have seen this film, it's hard not to think of this scene from 
'A Clockwork Orange' when you hear 'Singing in the Rain' again in your life.
I saw this movie when I was about 16 years old and I hated Kubrick at the time for making such a sick film and destroying that song for me, but that was obviously his purpose in making the film and using such a popular happy hit song of the cinema going public.
He wanted to show cinema audiences (I think) that it was possible to use music, trauma and film to alter a feeling you got when you were put in that circumstance again, in this case hearing the song 'Singing in the Rain' .
It is the perfect film to show how these techniques can work on just a small scale.
I think Kubrick was a master film maker with a great social conscious, as all of his films from '2001...' on showed...for those with eyes to see, that is;-)
Having read such books as the one above myself, it's like reading an account of a UFO abduction and wondering just how much of the story is true...if any of it.
Something obviously went on in this poor women's life to cause such anguish, but how much of what she recalls is really true?
But I really liked Maja's slant on the topic of cinema and magic and couldn't help thinking of the movie 'The Conjuring 2' (just the film title alone with the word "conjuring" suggests stage magic)
where a lot of those devices she talks about are used in that film, like the old spinning image toys the kids play with in the film.
I not saying 'The Conjuring 2' is a "mind control" film, I'm saying it's a good film to see to see these early devices that ironically were cinema's forerunners in many ways...and the kids in this film are using them as playthings.
Now there's an analogy for you in a crooked sense:-) 
I liked Maja's talk on magic and cinema and it was refreshing not to hear the standard crap about Hollywood being controlled by the all powerful "Illuminati". 
I liked 'The Conjuring 2', but that's probably what they wanted me to think;-) 

January 21, 2017

You Wouldn't Read About It...But I Did

You sound like a winner to me AJ
I bought a newspaper from a petrol station at the end of my second road-trip last year as I was leaving the town of Goondiwindimore as a bit of a souvenir to read up on the people who lived out there, than to catch up on world events.
The Finishing Post: Goondiwindi Grey?
When I got home and I found the newspaper amongst all of my other souvenirs from my three weeks away on the road, I read about the young boy pictured the front of the newspaper who was named AJ in the story (Ace? Jack?) and how he had beaten the odds life had thrown at him.
Turned out AJ was born 14 weeks early with heart problems and doctors thought he wouldn't live past being three months old.
He's still not out of the woods yet though, by the sounds of the newspaper article, as he still requires surgery sometime down the track.
On June 22 each year AJ picks out people in Goondiwindi and gives them a carnation.
AJ's heart operation was on the 22nd of June one year, which is why he chooses to hand out carnations on that date and carnations are the flowers that his parents chose for the funeral of his twin brothers who passed away two years before AJ was born.
AJ calls carnations happy flowers, as he believes his brothers are watching over him and he sees the flower as a symbol of life.
That story of AJ's alone was worth buying the newspaper and since I came out to Goondiwindi to see the town's (and my Nan's) favourite racehorse immortalized in stone, while playing my father's old Kenny Rogers album (which I had converted to MP3 for my car's system), the gambling theme was on my mind, especially since there is only two songs on that album that I really like, 'The Gambler' and 'Just Dropped In'.
I have a habit of skipping the rest of the songs on the album when they come on when I'm driving and just repeating the two that I do like.
I like the song 'Just Dropped In', because it is featured in one of my favourite movies, 'The Big Lebowski'.

When I was writing this post and realized that AJ could be a winning Blackjack hand of an Ace and a Jack and that the newspaper article mentioned AJ being all heart.
I dug out my pack of playing cards and fished out the Ace and Jack of Hearts to take a photo of for this post.
Number-plates? Road-trip? 
A Tasmanian letterbox?
I thought it was amusing that the Ace had a picture of car number-plates on it and the Jack featured a letterbox from the state of Tasmania on it, as Goondiwindi was my last motel stop on my road-trip from Brisbane to Tasmania and back and in Tasmania I had spent four days staying at Wrest Point Casino and winning a bit of pocket money while there.
Wrest Point Casino 
Tasmanian Souvenirs and Touchstones
But the thing that I treasured most about picking up this newspaper in Goondiwindi on my second road-trip last year in hindsight was all the things that would resonate on a synchronistic level when I read the paper again after coming home from my third road-trip last year.
The Big Prawn in Ballina
The guy eating a prawn in the Goondiwindi Argus made me laugh, as on all three road-trips I had stopped off in the town of Ballina, home of the big prawn to grab half a kilogram of prawns to eat for dinner.
A plate of shrimp?!
Synchronicities can be intensely personal and mean nothing to anybody else reading that paper, but me.
After my third road-trip and reading the paper again I found many weird little personal winks that would foretell events a little further down the road in my life that year.
Hmm...what's on my Jack of hearts card again?-)
All of my three road-trips this year revolved around when and where my favourite football team the Cronulla-Sutherland Sharks were playing and on my last road-trip I would stop off at the Big Banana in the Year of the Monkey only to end that trip by seeing my team be crowned champions in the Year of the Monkey.
Shark Week in the Year of the Monkey
I watched my team beat the Parramatta Eels on my motel room TV on the Saturday night I was in Goondiwindi.
I wrote in the other post about Goondiwindi how the name BREW meant a lot to me personally, plus the number 67 is an important number to us Sharks supporters, also.
The Finishing Post: Goondiwindi Grey?
Then I see an advertisement for a shop called 'The Big Lebrewski'  in the paper's footy tipping competition page with a 67 in the phone number, not to mention the word BREW.
There certainly would be "Champagne Rugby" for me and the Sharks at the end of the 2016 season.
Even an advert on the front page of the paper had the word "Cellarbrations", the number 67, the year (1967) the Sharks entered the NRL (and hadn't won a final since entering), the number 11, worn by Luke Lewis (who would get "Man of the Match" on the night of the final and I would get to shake hands with on the night) and number 7 (007) my lifepath number.
"Man of the Match" Grand Final night, # 11 Luke Lewis

Me about to shake hands with number 11 Luke Lewis on Grand Final night
Also I thought it was amusing that there was an ad for a rural supply place with a windmill on it in the top right-hand corner of the front page of the newspaper with the phone number's last three digits being 888.
My Nan had bought me a peddle car when I was young which had a number-plate CY - 888 on the front of it, plus I had written a post about chasing windmills in Tasmania earlier last year -
The Windmills of My Mind
I was glad that I tagged the trip to Goondiwindi on to my Tasmanian trip and relived a few memories of my days at the racetrack with Nan and dad, not that I ever got to see Gunsynd go round the track in my lifetime, but it still brought back memories of going to the races with them and hoping for a win.
The funny thing about the ad in the Goondiwindi paper above was the words "last cowboy standing", as my second and third road-trips would involve the Sharks playing and beating 
The North Queensland Cowboys with the last time knocking them out of this year's comp before we took their NRL crown by beating the Melbourne Storm in the grand final the week after.
And I found this Rydges motel advert in the newspaper quite synchy, as I had stayed at Rydges motel in Cronulla on my second road-trip and would stay there the day after the Sharks had become NRL champions for the first time ever.
Happy days indeed.
Though Dad would pass away before I would go on my third and last road-trip in 2016, but his old records that I recorded on to MP3s coming through the speakers of my car stereo would be a sentimental comfort on some lonely roads and who could ever get sick of hearing 'The Gambler' 's good advice just before he broke even?-) 
That's an ace that I can keep.
Maybe I see windmills where there really are none, but the chase had been a rewarding one for me last year and I plan on continuing the chase again this year.
Good advice found on page 17 of the Goondiwindi Argus
Cheers and hit me with another card dealer.