" Synchromysticism:
The art of realizing meaningful coincidence in the seemingly mundane with mystical or esoteric significance."

- Jake Kotze

October 26, 2016

WTF?! Saturn's Weird Hexagon Changes Colour?!

This has been one weird 24 hour period for me.
24 World Pieces into One Peace?
I just wrote a post yesterday featuring Jake Kotze's old video about the hexagon on Saturn and then this morning I see this news story at the BBC news site about that hexagram -
Saturn's weird hexagon changes colour
"The mysterious hexagon at Saturn's northern pole has changed colour from blue to gold, scientists have said.
The hexagon is essentially a rotating cloud pattern; its shape may originate as the result of large differences in the speeds of Saturn's winds.
The observation was made by Nasa's Cassini spacecraft, which has been exploring the sixth planet since 2004.
The change in colour is thought to be the result of seasonal changes on the planet.
In particular, the amount of sunlight falling on the poles affects the production of suspended particles - aerosols - in the atmosphere.
Scientists think the shift from a bluish colour to a golden one may be due to more aerosols being produced through reactions involving sunlight and the atmosphere.
This could be happening as the planet's north pole reaches its summer solstice in May 2017.
Cassini was despatched to Saturn in 1997, to better understand the processes operating on Saturn and perhaps other giant planets.
Using computer simulations, scientists have shown that small perturbations in winds flowing around the north pole can form a hexagon shape rotating at speeds close to those of the real one."
Also that Dreamworld accident has rattled me, as I knew nothing about it until after I had written and posted my world jig-saw puzzle story. 
Plus I used to take my kids on this ride on visits to this park when they were younger and to think something like that accident yesterday on that ride could have happened is chilling.
I think Jake is right about the universe communicating to us. 

October 25, 2016

24 World Pieces into One Peace?

Jake Kotze's piece, 'Life is a movie'

I wrote about buying a 24 piece world jigsaw puzzle in this post from May -
Pop Culture and Synchronicity on the Road
I tried putting it together a while back, but got frustrated and put it away for later.
Today I found it in a drawer and decided I was going to put all of the 24 pieces together, which I eventually did.
I like the idea of a 24 piece world puzzle because of the  
24 hour time zone analogy, but the world is a far more complicated puzzle than any person on this planet can imagine, I think.
Next puzzle I'm going to attempt is the 'grain of sand' puzzle and see what that looks like in the palm of my hand:-) 

UPDATE: 26th, October, 2016
This morning I was reading a passage from M.L. Stedman's book, 'The Light Between Oceans', where Tom is contemplating the life of his unborn child, raising the child in a lighthouse and the power of the ocean.
I'm also working on a post at the moment about the movie, 
'In the Heart of the Sea' and the Killer Whale museum in Eden, Old Tom and whales.
But I got up this morning to write another post about the  
Kiama blow hole, the lighthouse there and the power of the sea and saw that the Google doodle for today has a whale blowing water from it's blowhole and that the doodle is about World Children's Day, not only that but in the video the Wikipedia world jig-saw puzzle is shown, which got me to thinking about my world jig-saw puzzle which I had written about above. many coincidences can happen in one morning?
Lots it would seem, as I just saw that one of the victims from the Dreamworld 'Thunder Rapids ride was named Kate GOODCHILD and today in Australia is 'World Children's Day'. 
Dreamworld: Names of three victims revealed as AWU says theme park owner warned of safety concerns
Not only that, but the two big theme parks on the Gold Coast are Dreamworld and Warner Brother's Movieworld.
They are literally down the road from one another and  
Chris Hemsworth (who I'm writing about in the Eden post I'm working on) is playing Thor the god of thunder in the latest Thor movie now being filmed at the Movieworld studios just down the road from Dreamworld.
And what was the name of the ride that killed four people at Dreamworld yesterday?
The 'Thunder River Rapids Ride'
Jake is right in saying that 'life is like a movie', but sometimes it's no Disney movie, it's a horror movie, that no Hollywood scriptwriter could ever dream up. 
Everyone on my family has been on that Dreamworld ride many times and to think something like this could happen on a 'family ride' is just chilling. 
Ironically, that old Skyhooks song above called, 'Horror Movie' was filmed at an Australian amusement park and the lead singer would die some years later in a freak helicopter accident in Queensland, the same Australian state that Dreamworld is located in. 
I wrote about this song and the Skyhooks lead singer's death in this old post earlier this year -
Molly: Music, Memories and Memes
This world is one weird trip that gets weirder everyday.

Dead or Alive: My Heart Goes Bang (Get Me to the Doctor)

2016 has claimed yet another great singer with the prophetic words form Pete Burns in an old Dead or Alive hit  
'My Heart Goes Bang (Get Me to the Doctor)' which reached #23 in the United Kingdom and with Pete dying of a cardiac arrest on  
October 23, 2016 at the age of 57.
The 23 enigma strikes once more?
You were and are a star.
Shine on Pete. 
Alexis Arquette

On another sad note Alexis Arquette who played George in the movie,'The Wedding Singer' and can be seen in the opening credits above singing a cover version of 'Dead or Alive' 's song 'You Spin Me Round' with Adam Sandler, passed away this year as well on September 11.