" Synchromysticism:
The art of realizing meaningful coincidence in the seemingly mundane with mystical or esoteric significance."

- Jake Kotze

March 21, 2019

Personal (inner) Guidance System?

I don't really like movies like 'The Secret' or 'What the Bleep?!' where so called "experts" get to tell you all about the secrets to life and how you should live it, and while 'PGS The Movie' follows a similar path and format, I found it quite different from those movies and actually quite spiritual.
Maybe because on a personal level I had pretty much the same experience about 35 years ago that Bill had when a truck ran a red light and zoomed through an intersection that I should have been in the middle of when the truck passed by.
And the only thing that saved me was an internal voiced that screamed "Don't Go!" that startled me enough not to take off into a blind intersection where I legally had the right of way to proceed.
But that same internal voice had also saved my life once before that.
I've written about that experience before in this old post, back in the days when I had a Facebook account -
I highly recommend a viewing of this film after I bought a download of the movie today and watched it.
I'm tempted to say this movie is very synchromystic, because the film Bill was working on at the time of his near miss with the truck was the Burt Reynolds film 'Tempted', which Bill wrote and directed.
I was watching a You Tube that Bill filmed with verdic astrologer Joni Patry, where he asked what would be the best day to launch 'PGS The Movie' on the internet, and around the 34-minute mark of that You Tube they agreed that around September 4th, 2018 would be a good day.
Burt Reynolds the star of Bill's 2001 film 'Tempted' would pass away two days later on September 6th, 2018
I found it rather amusing that Bill credits a billboard he thought he saw that lead him to an Indian teacher at the start of him making his film 'PGS The Movie' and while I'm yet to watch his 2001 film 'Tempted' I did watch the above You Tube of scenes from the movie playing to Robbie Williams song 'No Regrets' and seeing a billboard with something about an oath written on it.
Screenshot from 'PGS The Movie'
Dean Radin in 'PGS The Movie'
Living Life in Peace, Not Pieces?
That book behind Dean in 'PGS The Movie'
looks familiar to me;-)
The Unexplained Real Magic of Dean Radin?
So, do I think you should watch 'PGS The Movie' in 2019 the Year of the Pig?
I'll leave that up to your PiGS to tell you:-)

UPDATE: 2019

UPDATE: 2019

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