" Synchromysticism:
The art of realizing meaningful coincidence in the seemingly mundane with mystical or esoteric significance."

- Jake Kotze

March 5, 2019

Well, Speak of the Devil Part 2: Once Upon a Time in Hollywood, Luke Perry and Oz?

Luke Perry as Reverend Jeremiah Cloutier in Oz
I personally don't believe in the Devil, but he sure makes for a great archetypical metaphor when it comes to synchromysticism I think.
As does Oz.
Well, Speak of the Devil: The Magickal Legacy of Aleister Crowley?
I don't even think Jesus was a real person to be honest, but whatever floats your boat I guess, as that archetype does seem to work, real or not.
I do believe in an afterlife (and before life), but let's not get into religious beliefs here, as I'm more from the Paul Cox school of thought when it comes to religion.
Most religions are just full of hypocrites anyway, I think.
I don't think that the Catholic Church is as bad as that guy's rant in the clip above from Oz, but the Church sure has a lot of problems to iron out.
And protestant churches aren't much better in my opinion.
 And while I'm certainly no fan of Crowley as a person I find his life and influence on where western society is now an interesting study of the dark side of the human personality, as is the Church.
But whatever your belief about life and death it's a bit hard to reconcile all of those WTF(?) coincidences that just keep happening day after day in what science would like you to believe is a totally random and chaotic universe.   
All you have to do is scoop up a small part of the universe and take a good look to see it is full of WTF(?) coincidences.
You can call it apophenia or coincidence if you like, and call me crazy, but I couldn't give a f#ck really, laugh all you want if it makes you feel better about your life.
It's all connected anyway and you're in it as much as I or anyone, no matter what you think.
Like Ryan Singer says in his podcasts at 'Me and Paranormal You', "It's more fun to believe" ... don't you think?
Me & Paranormal You and Dr. Jeffery Mishlove, Too?
A Not So Funny Monkey Synch?
Terminal Bliss (1990)
Luke Perry's birthday of October 11th is the day before Crowley's and Jackman's, by the way -
Hugh Jackman: The Boy from Oz?
Fritz Koenig, The Sphere and 222?
Luke Perry's last acting credit at his IMDB page is the Tarantino movie 'Once Upon a Time in Hollywood' and it's easy to think that maybe he is the first of the causalities that this potentially cursed film project could produce.
Just sayin'.
Once Upon a Time in Hollywood to Be Released on Kubrick's Birthday in the Year of the Pig?
I did state in a few posts last year that it wasn't a good idea for Margot Robbie to star in a movie playing the murdered Sharon Tate -
"Sirens of the Sea" World and Coasting with Archetypes?
The trouble is it's a bit hard to separate your "normal life" from your stage life when it comes to life I've noticed.
Luke Perry as Reverend Jeremiah Cloutier in Oz
"Flint recently returned to the United Kingdom after touring Australia, and just days ago announced on social media they would headline the Pstereo festival in Norway in August.
The band's last concert in
Australia was in Sydney on February 2."

Drew Barrymore born February 22, 1975
Fritz Koenig, The Sphere and 222?
Australia (Oz) was once considered just a place for Britain to send its prisoners ironically.
Australia is where I have lived all of my life and I say that there is no place like home:-)
Steve Irwin born February 22, 1962
Darren Star;-)
Just keep swimming ... and breathe!

UPDATE: February 5th, 2019
Born on February 22, too?!
Damn my apophenia ... but I am on fire, right?-)
Underlining Synchronicity?

UPDATE: 2019


  1. The 49-year-old star ran the Chelmsford park run in Essex, achieving a personal best of 21.22 on Saturday morning at 9am, The Mirror reports.

  2. Good one speedyturtle.
    I've actually got a post coming up soon featuring a turtle crossing a finishing line with a quote about finishing the race.
    It might be the next post but I have about 8 posts that I need to write pronto and I can't decided which one to write next.
    I'm gonna have to roll some dice?
    I won't use three of them though, because I'm bound to roll 2 2 2;-)