" Synchromysticism:
The art of realizing meaningful coincidence in the seemingly mundane with mystical or esoteric significance."

- Jake Kotze

March 24, 2019

The World (is a Giant Podcast Circle-Jerk) According to Josh Zepps?

I had never heard of Josh Zepps until I heard him on
Osher Günsberg's latest podcast titled
'Facbook is Hacking Your Brain'.
Josh might be right in more ways than one with that statement ... not that I have a Facebook account for them to hack anyway, anymore ... but who trusts Google either, right?
Facebook staff had access to hundreds of millions of people's passwords
Osher Günsberg handing out the roses on TV
The alchemical rose maybe?
I can't stand watching any of the TV shows Osher is involved with, but I did buy his book and do listen to his podcasts (depending on if I think the guest he has on that week seems interesting enough to listen to).
I discovered Osher's podcast from hearing him tell his story at the Mama Mia podcast site -
Osher Günsberg Is Not Who You Think He Is
"Osher Günsberg is not who you think he is.
Yes, he is the guy who hosts The Bachelor and The Bachelorette and is the boss of the roses.
And yes, he did used to host another massive reality show called Australian Idol back when he was called Andrew G.
But throughout his life, Osher had things to hide.
But now, he’s talking about them.
He’s written a book called Back, After The Break, where he writes about his life, and his OCD, anxiety, body dysmorphia and even psychosis.
And he joins Mia to talk about it all, including when good brains go bad."
And I wrote a post about that Mama Mia podcast here -
Osher Günsberg's Life is No Bed of Roses?
And I even went to Osher's live Brisbane show with my eldest son, which Osher talks about to Josh in Osher's latest podcast -
Back, After the Break ... LIVE?
Osher on stage in Brisbane telling about his Idol years
I was sitting underneath one of the auto-ques that Osher refers to in his podcast when talking to  Josh, ironically enough.
 I soon found out while listening to Osher's podcast that Osher was on Josh's podcast called '#We the People LIVE with @JoshZepps'.
And Josh says at about the 17th minute on Osher's podcast that, "everything is just a gigantic circle-jerk of podcasts at this stage, isn't it?
It's just a bunch of people on the same podcasts as each other "
Sam Harris 'Waking Up'
Sam Harris and 'Is Life Actually Worth Living?'
Here I was thinking, yeah, but not in the world of the woo-woo podcasts that I listen to, Josh.
But, as I'm scrolling down the past episode list of shows at
'#We the People LIVE with @JoshZepps' I see that he has interviewed Ryan Singer from the 'Me & Paranormal You' podcast -
Ep. 41 Ryan Singer- Home is Where the Toilet is
I've recently written a few posts about Ryan Singer -
Going Bananas and Food for Thought?
B for The Boom Life?
So maybe Josh does have a point about the world being one big podcast circle-jerk.
Henri Szeps in 'Mother and Son' (1984)
Josh's father Henri was on a popular TV show in Australia called 'Mother and Son'.
A TV show I used to watch with my own family, that would give us all a good chuckle.
Starring Ruth Cracknell as Rose
The star of that show was Ruth Cracknell, who also starred in a movie called 'Spider and Rose' written and directed by Bill Bennett, who I just wrote a post about -
Personal (inner) Guidance System?
Dean Radin in 'PGS The Movie'
And the funny thing is that in the latest
'Me & Paranormal You' podcast Ryan talks to a guy named Jim Perry, who runs a podcast called 'Euphomet' who goes on about reading and finding in a woo-woo way Dean Radin books, such as the one I'm in the middle of reading right now called
'Entangled Minds', which I've had on the shelf for years, but only now felt like I should read.
That book behind Dean in 'PGS The Movie'
looks familiar to me;-)
Living Life in Peace, Not Pieces?
Entangled minds and podcasts?

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