" Synchromysticism:
The art of realizing meaningful coincidence in the seemingly mundane with mystical or esoteric significance."

- Jake Kotze

April 12, 2017

Charm the Water

I found an interesting pod-cast site called 'Charm the Water' run by Aaron David who refers to himself as "a Christian Hermeticist who has a great affinity for working with plants and minerals".
was looking for some You Tube videos of Frater Ashen Chassan after listening to a recent pod-cast over at the
'Occult of Personality' site -
I had never heard of Frater Ashen Chassan before listening to the 'Occult of Personality' pod-cast, but this guy seemed interesting, as he was billed as a more "by the book" magician and since I had written a recent post about a post I read at 'The Secret Sun' blog about two magicians who walked into a bar, one a traditional magician and and one a more hipster chaos type magician -
Two Magicians Walk into Room81...

Two Magicians Walk into a Bar…

I decided to check out the more "traditional" magician
Frater Ashen Chassan...who was probably a black coffee drinker.
I tend to lean towards Chaos Magick myself , but to me everything is magick when you are a participant in this world/worlds and you are right in the thick of it whether you believe in it, or not. 
I was thinking of buying 'Gateways Through Light and Shadow', but I wanted to hear more about this "buy the book"...I mean "by the book" magician;-)
That's when I found this You Tube (below) of the pod-cast recording at the 'Charm the Water' pod-cast site.
But after I listened to Aaron David's talk with
Frater Ashen Chassan I found he had also recorded a talk with Gordon White from Rune Soup, as well.
According to Aaron David he first got the idea to call his pod-cast 'Charm the Water' after hearing Gordon say the words on some pod-cast that Aaron had listened to.
Gordon was someone who's work I knew about.
Then I saw Aaron also had a talk with Red Pill Junkie, who I knew a bit about and wrote a post about a few months ago at this link -
20(16 Miles?) U.F.O/O.F.U and Sneaky Sound Synchromysticism?
Sneaky Sound System - UFO
Episode 32 - Red Pill Junkie, Fortean Luchador
I was hooked on Aaron's interviews now and subscribed in iTunes on my iPod so I can work my way through the ones that looked interesting to me.
I liked Aaron's rant about self-righteousness and included it in my last post about the book  'Floodline' that I had just read -
Drowning in Ignorant Self-righteousness?
I liked the idea of water in a wishing well and if you look right back up to the top of this post you will see the shot used at the
'Charm the Water' pod-cast site of a shot looking up and out of a wishing(?) well.
Water is such a powerful element which we rely on to survive for even just a few days in this world, but it can also end our lives quickly, too.
Anyway, interesting site and check out the
'Charm the Water' You Tube page, too.
Ceremonial Magick sounds interesting and I'll probably buy the book mentioned above and have a read, but I can't see myself getting into it, as it all seems a bit too complicated to me.
I'll stick to a magical smorgasbord of beliefs and shamanism, I think.


  1. This is a great blog review! Thank you so much for the shout out. We are glad you enjoy the show. :) -Kelly at Charm the Water

  2. Thanks for the reminder Kelly.
    I must have wiped this podcast off my iPad playlist when I did a big cleanup of my playlist a while back.
    Looking at your show list I must have made it to about episode 42, so I have a lot of catching up to do it seems.
    So many podcasts, books, movies and Netflix shows and so little time:-(