" Synchromysticism:
The art of realizing meaningful coincidence in the seemingly mundane with mystical or esoteric significance."

- Jake Kotze

April 3, 2017

Outrunning Nostalgia...or Trying to at Least

Hitler's "People's Car"?/The Love Bug?
This post didn't start off on a quest for lost youth and fuzzy memories, it started off because I read what I thought was a fairly recent article in a magazine from 2012 about a company named Printergalactic -
"Our work is fun, bright, colourful and evokes a feeling of nostalgia.
Vintage caravans, tin toy ray guns and rocket ships, Hummel figurines, cuckoo clocks and flamingos are all featured in our work. 

Our personal love of vintage ephemera is reflected and gives our prints their distinct style."
I saw the old caravan and pink flamingos and it was almost like holding up a cue card for me to vomit.
I hated those weird looking caravans as a kid and couldn't stand it when I saw a pink flamingo statue on a front lawn.
Mind you, I did like those pink neon fluorescent flamingos that appeared in the pop cultural world a lot later on.
I must mention also that the tattoo of the person holding up the cue card looks cool and took me back to when I got my shoulder tatts about thirty-five years ago and the thought that if you had a tattoo back then like the person pictured above you would have been a social outcast and I doubt that it wouldn't have been too long after you got it that you'd be wearing long sleeve shirts in the summertime just to get along with the haters.
A scene from the popular 70s TV show 'Kung-Fu'
I remember as kids that me and a friend were going to copy Kane out of the popular TV show 'Kung-Fu' and give ourselves tattoos like his, if we could only just find the right metal bowl.
That would have went down well in hindsight.
Ah, memories.
I tried Googling the name of the company "Printergalactic" and found the above article about the company at
a website that ran a story in July, 2012, which was pretty much the same as the story I read in my 'Gold Coast Creative' magazine from 2012.
Seems like both the 'Gold Coast Creative' magazine and 'Printergalactic' have gone to nostalgia heaven and are just things from the past now ironically.
The link for 'Printergalactic' in the article above just takes you to a 404 'Page Not Found' page.
The thing with nostalgia and art is that you have to take people back to something they liked for your art to sell well as a commercial venture.
Personally, I hated the whole VW range of cars.
I remember riding in the back of my friend's mother's Beetle on the way to go and see 'Jaws' at the cinema and getting so car sick that his mother had to pull over so I could vomit in the gutter.
Ah, memories.
And that book 'On The Road', pictured above I read a few years ago because everyone told me what a classic it was.
I now see why Jack wanted to write it out on one continuous long roll.
Funny thing though is that I bought an 'On the Road' pencil case to take on my road-trips through Oz last year, only because I was going to be 'On The Road' and I had read the book...even though I didn't really like the book much.
The thing is that yesterday was no better, or worse than today, and there are still plenty of great things about today and there are plenty of things that suck about today's world, too...Paul for instance;-)
The thing with nostalgia is that it can be as recent as last month's newspaper, which I'm using a story from to write up a future post that should have been finished the day the newspaper came out.
Ah, memories.
The Longreach of synchronicity?
Tony Martin from the Qantas Founders Museum in Longreach, Queensland
The story in that now nostalgic newspaper that caught my eye was about the Queensland town of Longreach the home of QANTAS, a town from my own home state that I have never been to.
No memories there for me and I have never flown QANTAS, either.
"Outback business operators in central west Queensland town of Longreach say they are being forced to look overseas to fill staff positions."
I've had quite a few Longreach synchronicities lately, but that's for another post, which should have already been written and posted by now.
UPDATE: April 4th, 2017
 Here is a link to that post - 
The Longreach of Synchronicity
The main reason I have never ventured to the towns of the "Outback" like Longreach is because of memories of watching the movie 'Wake in Fright' (AKA'Outback') as a teenager.
Let's hope nothing has changed in the "Outback" since that movie was made, for old time's sake.
The thing with nostalgia is we forget that those times were just as bad, if not worse than the current times we live in.
But nostalgia...or the right kind of nostalgia sells.
Probably not as good as sex with nostalgia sells though;-)

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