" Synchromysticism:
The art of realizing meaningful coincidence in the seemingly mundane with mystical or esoteric significance."

- Jake Kotze

April 9, 2017

Finding Your True North

I was listening to a recent pod-cast at Barry Eaton's
'Radio Out There' website titled  
'Exploring Mysterious Worlds'
and I was writing a post about finding your true north (this post) because I had recently bought a new iPhone and I had discovered the compass function on it.
True North (Star)?
I thought how is this function on my phone going to really help me, because I bet if I ever needed to use the compass function on the phone I would have no cell phone towers anywhere near me.
It reminded me of the school shoes I would pester my mother to buy for me because it had the hidden compass in the heel of the shoe...just in case I got lost on the way home.
Secret compass?-)
I loved those shoes because they had paw prints on the sole of the shoe, as well, so you could pretend you where a big cat leaving paw prints in your wake.
I never realized how shamanic that was until now.
It's funny how as I listened to Barry's interview with
Connie Howell about her new book (that he wrote the forward to) titled 'Walking Between Two Worlds' I was taking photographs of my real compass and the iPhone compass on my "real desktop" and Connie would be saying words like "encompass" and talking about kids these days with iPads and modern technology losing touch with the "real" world...whatever that is.
I took my old compass that I had bought in a Bangalow antique shop years ago from my bookcase shelf to compare how inaccurate it was compared to my iPhone compass and I was surprised how far off it was. 
Then I looked out my window and thought, hang on my phone is pointing west, not true north, my old compass (old technology) turned out to be spot on.
Maps, Compass, Safari, News...True North?!
I turned my phone off and tried again...maybe I should have just rang God?-)
And this time it worked and pointed to the "true north" of the world.
I realized that where I had photographed my phone and compass on my desktop was right where a blue stone cross was hanging and I thought how symbolic that was, so I've decided to leave my compass on my desk now under the cross, as a way of representing my quest for my true north, so to speak.
Mike Hall's death won't be last time tragedy unfolds via Google Maps, expert says
In this chaotic world of modern technology we live in it is up to all of us to find our own "true north".
Like Connie and Barry, I wouldn't call myself religious either, but I do believe that we are all part of the one Great Spirit and a material object like a compass that can guide you on your way through picking up on an invisible force that you can't see or feel is a great spiritual metaphor I think.

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