" Synchromysticism:
The art of realizing meaningful coincidence in the seemingly mundane with mystical or esoteric significance."

- Jake Kotze

April 13, 2017

Plate of Shrimp/Prawns and the Raw Prawn/Trickster

All Easter supermarket catalogues in my
mail had
a plate of prawns in it
In Australia we have a saying,
"don't come the raw prawn with me, mate", if we think someone is trying to trick us, or pull the wool over our eyes.
I love cooked prawns, but not "shrimp" cooked on a barbie.
"The expression “Don’t come the raw prawn with me” originated among the Australian services in World War II. 
It refers to an attempt to deceive someone or misrepresent a situation – basically, “Don’t try to put one over me”.
While a raw prawn might be difficult to swallow, prawns have always been a part of our national cuisine – beer and prawn nights being a classic example. 

Paul Hogan let us down when promoting our famous culture by telling Americans he would put another “shrimp” on the barbie for them when they came over to visit. 
The thing is, he had to say that because Americans don’t eat prawns, only shrimp, and at the time it was thought that they didn’t understand what a prawn was. 
But we all know what Hoges really wanted to say was: “G’day mate. Put another prawn on the barbie for me, will ya?” 
Aussies say prawn. Americans say shrimp."
One of my favourite movies is the 1984 film 'Repo Man' which is where "the plate of shrimp"/synchronicity analogy in the You Tube up the top of this post comes from.
Raw shrimp/prawn,
Cooked shrimp
I wrote a post about some prawn synchs I was having around March 24th -
A Full Plate of Shrimp ... with Only One Shrimp?
This is a real prawn, believe it, or not
This was just as Cyclone Debbie was forming right up the top of my home state of Queensland.
We were told this cyclone was probably going to make landfall in north Queensland and most of us down the bottom of the state thought  that's bad for the people living up there, but we down the bottom of the state will be all right.
But the cyclone while it did hit the north of the state causing heartbreaking damage spun down and flooded the bottom half of the state, maybe causing more damage than it did up the top end of the state.
The thing was I saw the first advert for the 21st Annual Prawn Day and was tempted to go, but as I looked at the ad a thought came into my head as to why would I want to pay $150 for prawns when I could go down to Ballina and get a good feed of prawns for about $28?
The Big Prawn of Ballina, NSW
And besides the thought came into my head that it's not going to go ahead anyway.
ADELE-Aid, Skyfall, Cyclone Debbie and Synchromysticism?
Brisbane Lions and Adelaide Crows WAFL captains
And it didn't because the venue that Prawn Day was going to be held got cut off by flood waters caused by Cyclone Debbie.
An April Fool's prank for a Port Macquarie newspaper in 2016
I couldn't help noticing the "plate of shrimp/prawns" synchronicities floating around, so to speak ... or write of.
I  picked up a local newspaper on the April 1st weekend and saw the story featuring prawns in the newspaper's supplement.
Then I saw the above April Fool's Day cartoon in the same supplement featuring some fish.
I also thought it was a synch that I came across a cartoon called 'The Raw Prawn' by Brad Anderson in a Google search from 
"don't come the raw prawn with me".
The 'Raw Prawn' cartoons had a couple of alien jokes and if you have seen the movie 'Repo Man' you would know it's about aliens.
Prawn farmers are worried imported green prawns
on sale in
Australia contain white spot disease.
Prawn prices are expected to climb for Easter,
 following a ban on
fresh prawns from overseas
A scene from the TV show 'Lost', filmed in Australia
Hardly anyone calls a prawn a shrimp in Oz,
 so this scene is an unlikely event
"The name's Frank, by the way"?!
I guess it doesn't pay to put all of your eggs in the one basket when it comes to prawns over Easter;-)
Don's Dirty Laundry Downunder

UPDATE: Good Friday ... actually one hour past Good Friday, 2017
This post turned out to be synchier than I thought it would be.
If you watched this Easter egg hunt video I placed in the above post where the Easter egg hunt takes place in a cave in the desert, you probably would have seen that Trump ordered the biggest non-nuclear bomb in the US arsenal to be dropped on some Afghan caves, pretty much at Easter time, too.
Never mind a hunt for the bad eggs for Trump, he just blows the whole cave up ... game over.
Afghanistan tunnels targeted by US GBU-43 bomb, biggest non-nuclear weapon ever used 
"The United States has dropped a massive GBU-43 bomb, the biggest non-nuclear bomb it has ever used in combat, in eastern Afghanistan targeting a network of caves and tunnels used by Islamic State militants."
And now he is heading his boats to North Korea to do God knows what.
I only put the Easter egg hunt video game into the post because I was looking for "Easter Eggs" for the 'Repo Man'/'Donnie Darko' movies and was going to go on a rant about Easter and the occult (hidden) things about Easter traditions, but decided it would make the post too long.
So, I just left the Easter egg hunt video in, as there was something eerie to me about it about looking for hidden (bad?) eggs in desert caves.
Repo Man Easter Egg - The Repo Man Code
"On the Repo Man DVD (either the version in the tin box or the regular one, they're both the same) go to the "extras" menu, highlight "talent bios", then press "up" on your remote.
Part of the Malibu's dashboard will be highlighted.
Press "enter" and enjoy 
a short video explaining the Repo Man Code.
I guess less than 24 hours later when I saw the MOAB bomb in the news headlines it became eerier.
Maybe the "Mother of All Bombs" should be renamed the "Father of All Bombs"?
"The etymology of the word Moab is uncertain.
The earliest gloss is found in the Septuagint which explains the name, in obvious allusion to the account of Moab's parentage, as ἐκ τοῦ πατρός μου.
Other etymologies which have been proposed regard it as a corruption of "seed of a father", or as a participial form from "to desire", thus connoting "the desirable (land)".
Rashi explains the word Mo'ab to mean "from the father", since ab in Hebrew and Arabic and the rest of the Semitic languages means "father"."
Donnie Darko Easter Eggs
Frank is also the name of the big bunny that visits Donald Darko
J Frank Parnell
The 'Repo Man' Trunk (Trump?-) bomb
And so this is Easter, for old and for young.
Last hope it's a good one and not the last one:-(
Oh, and when I was at Bluesfest on Good Friday I saw the above shrimp on a paella stand that was advertising shrimp and calamari paella, so I thought here's a sign of my latest prawn/shrimp trickster post, so maybe I should buy a plate for supper?
I get to the counter and all their paella pans are empty with signs up around the counter saying they have sold out.
Stupid trickster shrimp.
Jimmy Buffett on stage at Bluesfest Good Friday
and he nailed it, too, I think
I also thought it was ironic that I caught Jimmy Buffett in a religious type pose on the big screen on Good Friday at Bluesfest.
He wasn't playing Jesus in a passion play, or anything like that, he just happened to have his arms out when I snapped the shot of him.
Funny thing though is when I looked Jimmy up on Wikipedia to see how old he was I found out he was born on Jesus' birthday (December 25th).
So maybe he was moved by The (Holy?) Spirit on stage to do so?-)
Margaritaville Lyrics
Nibblin' on sponge cake
Watchin' the sun bake
All of those tourists covered in oil
Strummin' my six-string
On my front porch swing
Smell those shrimp hey they're beginnin' to boil...

God knows what's got into Trump with all his Eater bombs, but let's hope the world at least makes it to Easter Monday.
Plate of shrimp, anyone?-)
Casey Rabbit is a Fusion between Casey Jones from Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles and the Easter Bunny.
Darko Bunny (the name) is inspired by the imaginary rabbit from the movie Donnie Darko. References to Sander Cohen, Phantom Opera and splicers from the Bioshock Series are also apparent.

UPDATE: Easter Saturday, 2017
After writing my update above about the MOAB, or "Mother Of All Bombs" I see this news story about a Russian bomb 4 times more powerful than the MOAB.
"THE Russian military has a secret bomb that is four times more powerful than the mega-weapon Donald Trump’s military used to blast ISIS in their mountain hideaway.
The US bomb GBU-43B is the biggest non-nuclear bomb ever to be used in combat and proudly brags the tag The Mother Of All Bombs.
Now it has been revealed Vladimir Putin has even bigger bomb in his mighty arsenal and it really is ‘the daddy’,

according to The Sun.
Officially known as the Aviation Thermobaric Bomb of Increased Power, it is already being dubbed the “
Father Of All Bombs”."

UPDATE: May 7th, 2017
Pope Francis criticises use of 'Mother' to name a bomb, ahead of meeting with President Trump
"Pope Francis has criticised the naming of the US military's biggest non-nuclear explosive as "the Mother of All Bombs", saying the word "mother" should not be used in reference to a deadly weapon.
The US Air Force dropped the munition, officially designated as the GBU-43 Massive Ordnance Air Blast (MOAB) on suspected Islamic State fighters in eastern Afghanistan last month.
The nickname was widely used in briefings and reporting on the attack.
"I was ashamed when I heard the name," Pope Francis told an audience of students.

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