" Synchromysticism:
The art of realizing meaningful coincidence in the seemingly mundane with mystical or esoteric significance."

- Jake Kotze

April 6, 2017

ADELE-Aid, Skyfall, Cyclone Debbie and Synchromysticism?

Brisbane Lions and Adelaide Crows WAFL captains
Brisbane Lions lose women's AFL grand final after Adele concerts damage field
"The first AFL Women's grand final will be played on the Gold Coast after Brisbane's Gabba surface was deemed unsafe following two major concerts by pop star Adele three weeks ago.
The Brisbane Lions have questioned why grass was sown onto the field so late, in a relatively small space which covers about two wickets.
Brisbane won the right to host the decider after an undefeated season, over
seven rounds.

The Lions will instead play Adelaide on Saturday afternoon at Carrara Stadium, with the match now set to be the curtain-raiser for the men's round one Queensland derby.
Lions' player Selina Goodman said they were disappointed they would not get their standalone match."

Adele concert at the Brisbane Lions home ground, the Gabba
The Lions were undefeated during the seven-match season.
That's 7-0, or to put it another way 00-7.
The Lions would lose the one that counted though to the
Adelaide Crows at Carrara Stadium.
The WAFL champions the Adelaide Crows
I wrote about attending the Lions games in this post in the red link below, as I was sitting behind the goalposts at the northern end of the ground for the women's clash -
Tripping with Lions/Shamanism and Football?
I'm not suggesting the Lions would have won playing on their home ground, but who knows?
"The calculated flying distance from Brisbane to Adelaide is equal to 995 miles (a thousand miles?!) which is equal to 1601km. 
If you want to go by car, the driving distance between Brisbane and Adelaide is 2017.59 km."
Adelaide Crows co-captain Chelsea Randall celebrates with the premiership cup at Adelaide airport
The WAFL trophy in Adelaide...for one season at least;-)
Cyclone Debbie hitting north Queensland a few days after the WAFL final
The ironic thing is I mentioned the free Gold Coast Bulletin newspaper being handed out at the Lions games on the women's final day and in hindsight there was some rather eerie synchs in there.
Nobody knew at the time that the Gold Coast area was going to get smashed from the skyfall that Cyclone Debbie would unleash.
John Muntz Bridge at Oxenford collapses.
Famous Carrara cattle moved to higher ground during floods
The same night that the Brisbane Lions men's team were playing the Gold Coast Suns in the AFL at Carrara, the Gold Coast Titans were playing the North Queensland Cowboys in the NRL at the Titans' home-ground at Robina just down the road from Carrara.
The free Gold Coast Bulletin newspaper 
A man walks a horse to safer grounds at the saleyards in Carrara.
The Gold Coast to Townsville (home of the Cowboys) isn't quite 1000 miles
The free Gold Coast Bulletin newspaper I got at the Suns game at Carrara Stadium 
There is a neibourhood featured in the newspaper from Stockman (a stockman is an Australian cowboy, more or less) Crescent, Mudgeeraba and Mudgeeraba would get hit by floodwaters caused by Cyclone Debbie.
Mudgeeraba football and soccer field after Cyclone Debbie
The free Gold Coast Bulletin newspaper I got at the Suns game 
A bull shark that washed up in Ayr, north Queensland, after Cyclone Debbie
Real-life Sharknado? Cyclone Debbie washes up shark on Australian street
Have I ever mentioned being a Cronulla Sutherland Sharks supporter on this blog before?-)
My Happiest Birthday Ever
The free Gold Coast Bulletin newspaper I got at the Suns game 
Cars submerged at the rear of the Robina Hospital
Flooding in the Robina Hospital carpark at the Gold Coast 
Major whitegoods weekend? Ratepayers 'Taken to the cleaners'?!
 'Taken to the cleaners'?!  Whitegoods weekend?
Let's hope just like the women's AFL season that the cyclone season is also over for the year.

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