" Synchromysticism:
The art of realizing meaningful coincidence in the seemingly mundane with mystical or esoteric significance."

- Jake Kotze

May 16, 2018

Jack Thompson Having a Whale of a Time Opening the Commonwealth Games and Being on the Queensland's Gold Coast?

Jack Thompson opening the
2018 Commonwealth Games
Jack in the movie 'Swinging Safari' as the Mayor
I was re-watching the opening of the 2018 Commonwealth Games that was held on the Gold Coast earlier this year from a recording on my USB (which cut off half way through because it was full) and thought it was ironic in so many ways that Jack Thompson who had played the mayor of a town like the Gold Coast in a movie that was filmed on the Gold Coast and called 'Swinging Safari' should perform in the opening ceremony on the Gold Coast where a blow-up whale was the star of that ceremony, too.
The dead beached whale on the Gold Coast beach
'Swinging Safari'
I wrote a post earlier in the year about the real Gold Coast Mayor, Tom Tate and Gold Coast golden girl Margot Robbie taking on her upcoming role as Sharon Tate in a QT flick about Manson and his murders -
The back page of the April 15th Queensland
newspaper showing the blow-up whale
Jack Thompson as the mayor blowing
up a
dead beached whale
Exploding beached whale on the Gold Coast
'Surfing Safari'  
I must admit that I like Jack, he is one of my favourite Aussie actors and stars in one of my favourite Aussie films 'Wake in Fright' (AKA 'Outback').
The front page
(but not really front page) of the
April 15th Queensland newspaper
The real front page on April 15th was
 under a
CG supplement hiding
Inside that April 15th newspaper hides
the bigger news of the world
The same April 15th newspaper
Celine Dion, too?
Sunk on April 15th
Full Metal Life-Jackets?
A rather ironic article from the same
April 15th
newspaper, too ... and synchy to boot:-)
An advert in the same April 15th
newspaper ...
/synch or swim?
You'll Come a Waltzing Matilda with Me?
A story from the same April 15th
Queensland newspaper, too
Jack Thompson as Skippy
Jack played a character named Skippy in the movie 'Oyster Farmer' and maybe I've been reading too much of 'The Secret Sun' blog, but that ball of light Jack was carrying at the beginning of the opening ceremony sort of reminded me of a pearl.
Jack planting the light/pearl in
the sand to get things started
Wow Jack, the world really can
 be your oyster it seems;-)
"Thar she blows" ... I mean he ...
the white whale of
Oz ... Migaloo
Christine Anu singing 'My Island Home'
opening night
Christine Anu as Kali
Queenslander Christine Anu (AKA Kali from the Matrix movie trilogy) got the ball rolling with a song or two on the night, as well.
 Enter the Matrix Kali?
Kali from Matrix Reloaded
Titans, Sirens and the God of Thunder? Let the Games Begin ... That's if They Haven't Started Already?
I didn't see much of the Commonwealth Games apart from the opening ceremony, which a lot of people seemed to have not liked for some reason (I thought it was quite good to tell the truth) as I was too busy reading and I wanted to see how 'Moby Dick' turned out.
The didgeridoo player on top of the
 Q1 building on the Gold Coast 
My main complaint about the Games was that Queensland thought it was all about their state, instead of being about the whole of Australia.
When This Baby Hits 88 I Think We're Going to See Some Serious ... Views
The Q1's lightning rod with Carrara Stadium
in the background
A scene from 'Swinging Safari' and the zebra in the room
One thing I noticed after watching the opening games ceremony again and seeing the trailer of 'Swinging Safari' with the zebra head sticking through the wall like the zebra PKD makes reference to in his writings was that the Empire never really ended, did it?
Does Synchromysticism Sound 'Mental' to You?
But then again, I really don't know Jack when it comes to the history of the planet, but who really does?-)
Haven't you heard that the bird is the word?-)

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