" Synchromysticism:
The art of realizing meaningful coincidence in the seemingly mundane with mystical or esoteric significance."

- Jake Kotze

July 1, 2018

The Six Degrees and Synchromysticism of Simon Baker?

On Sunday the 29th of April, 2018 I went along with my eldest son to what I thought was going to be a Q&A with Simon Baker after a screening of his new movie 'Breath'.
Turned out to be a preview screening with the Q&A just a recorded interview of Simon being asked questions by a journalist.
Which was a bit personally disappointing for me having just watched a heap of Simon's films and TV shows throughout the week before the screening, because I wasn't familiar with a lot of Simon's work, while thinking our paths were going to cross on the Sunday of the screening.
I thought it would be fun playing 'Six Degrees of Kevin Bacon' with the stars Simon Baker had acted with.
You learn 'Something New' everyday, as they say.
About all I had seen of Simon's acting was his movie role as a bi-sexual male actor who Kevin Spacey's character pays to Simon's character sleep with a high ranking official so Spacey's character can blackmail the official.
Now here is a scene to remember in hindsight of #MeToo, don't ya think?-)
Elizabeth (Betty) Boop, Rose McGowan and Hollywood's Pop-cultural 9/11?
Simon Baker and Kevin Spacey in 'LA Confidential'
I even rented 'The Devil Wears Prada', a movie I thought I would never willingly sit down to watch in my tell God your plans, as they also say;-)
Another interesting scene of Simon Baker's in hindsight considering Hathaway would play Catwoman later in her career?
Dark Nut of the Soul?
DONnie PEYOTE Darko? Did This Film Synchomystically Allude to the Germanwings Crash?
Hathaway as Catwoman
I think though that after seeing Baker in 'Breath' this is by far his best role and if he keeps making movies like this one then his best will surely be in front of him as far as his movie career goes.
The main reason I went to the screening of 'Breath' besides thinking Simon Baker was going to be there was to see what the town of Denmark and its surrounds in Western Australia looked like, as I had heard a podcast with Tara MacIssac mention the town of Denmark and the strange synchronicities she had in that town -
Why Study Coincidences?
Simon was also in the TV show 'The Mentalist' alongside actress Robin Tunney, who thanks to Jake Kotze is a somewhat star in the early days of synchromystic studies.
Jupiter Gets Hit on Jake Kotze's Birthday?!
Golden Guitar winner Troy Cassar-Daley
And while I was disappointed that Simon Baker wasn't going to show up for the screening and our paths weren't going to cross, I did cross paths with Troy Cassar-Daley and his wife Laurel Edwards, who both ended up sitting right behind me and my son for the screening.
And I can tell you that they both loved this movie, too.
Even my son who is a harsh film critic when it comes to Australian movies liked the film.
The last time I saw Troy was in 2014 when he played at 'Bluesfest' and about a decade before that I met him and his wife shopping in a big Swedish furniture store I used to work in and shall remain I guess you'll never know where that encounter took place?-)
Troy really does play a golden guitar, too...see?-)
My Easter Sunday at Bluesfest 2014
Well, I might not have moved up the rankings in the
'Six Degrees of Simon Baker' game, but I have a Troy Cassar-Daley number of 1 when it comes to the 'Six Degrees of Troy Cassar-Daley' game.
It certainly is a small world when it comes to entertaining my thoughts about life and synchromysticism.

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