" Synchromysticism:
The art of realizing meaningful coincidence in the seemingly mundane with mystical or esoteric significance."

- Jake Kotze

November 21, 2018

Tuning In to Abundance?

A little money spider that landed on me yesterday
I was reading Wayne Dyer's book 'You'll See It When You Believe It' yesterday in my backyard while soaking up the sun's rays and I felt something crawling along my right arm.
I thought it was a fly at first and was about to brush it off without looking, but out of the side of my vision I saw a bright green colour and looked down to see this light green "money spider".
"Money spiders (in the United Kingdom, Ireland, Australia, New Zealand, and in Portugal, from the superstition that if such a spider is seen running on you, it has come to spin you new clothes, meaning financial good fortune)."
Apples hey Wayne? Maybe I'll have to appl ...y myself a bit more?
When I felt the spider on my arm I was reading the chapter about abundance, which I was trying to get through as fast as I could, because I don't really subscribe to all that new-agey garbage about the "law of attraction" and "abundance", as I see it as only a half-truth and a bit of a scam to sell books and seminars to suckers who want to get rich quick.
I was trying to get through that chapter to get to the chapter on synchronicity.
When the money spider landed on me while reading through the chapter about abundance I found this quite amusing and wished I had my phone on me to take a photo of the spider.
Then I remembered my phone was switched on and just inside the sliding door and laying on the dining table, so I got up with the spider and went for my phone to take a few pictures.
The spider got up on its hind legs and started to wave its front legs about when I moved the phone near it and then it shot out a web to my phone and crawled up onto my phone.
The spider reminded me of the butterfly story Wayne used to tell when he was alive and that I wrote about in this post -
To See Ourselves Trapped in Our Cage?
In that post I wrote about starting to read this book of Wayne's and why - 
"At end of last year I bought a book that I saw on a supermarket shelf written by a lady named Doreen Virtue who I had seen speak live in my hometown years ago in a Hay House tour.
I didn't go to listen to Doreen speak, I went to listen to

Wayne Dyer mainly and was curious to hear what Deepak Chopra had to say.
I think Louise Hay was the other speaker on the program that day.
I never would have paid the $320 for a ticket out of my pocket to see these speakers.
I saw a competition in the local Brisbane paper for two tickets to this day long presentation and there was only one winner in that newspaper competition ... me.
I just went with the flow and mailed in an envelope to the paper thinking if I'm meant to go this gig "the universe" will let my envelope be the winner.
I've got to say that I was glad that I didn't fork out any of my own money to go to this day out.
I have never read any of the books by these authors since that day I saw them speak, but I do have a Wayne Dyer book I bought just before he passed away three years ago to this day which sits on my bookshelf still unread.

Which struck me in hindsight when reading that post again today of how it was Simran Singh's chapter titled 'Thought' that drew my attention when reading her book 'Conversations with the Universe', which I wrote about in this recent post -
Conversations with the Universe, Robert Plant, Now and Then and Zen?
After taking the photos of the spider I went back outside and placed the spider in my garden quite a distance away from me from where I was sitting so I wouldn't step on it when I got up later.
It reminded me of the praying mantis that crawled up my hand years ago when I was reading about a praying mantis in Grof's book -
When The Impossible Me
But I put it out of my mind and continued reading Dyer's book.
I was halfway though chapter five 'Detachment' when I decided I had enough sun and it was time for me to go inside to the shade when I felt something on my arm again.
It was either the same green spider, or another one.
Now the universe really had my attention.
If not the universe then certainly "The Trickster" was really pulling out all stops for me yesterday.
Show me the money I say and then I'll believe it:-)
Although as 'The Beatles' sing, the best things in life are free;-)
Life is what happens to you while you are busy chasing money and other things, too:-)
Carl Jung might tell you that, too?-)
We attach ourselves to a lot of s#it in this life, don't we?-)


Cade F.O.N Apollyon said...

Cool read. Thanks for it. :-)

Brizdaz (Darren) said...

I added a bit more to the bottom of the post since your comment CFA, so I don't know if you still think it's a cool read or not, but thanks for the comment.