" Synchromysticism:
The art of realizing meaningful coincidence in the seemingly mundane with mystical or esoteric significance."

- Jake Kotze

November 26, 2018

Turning of the Wheel: The Near Death Experience with Nancy Rynes?

I listened to a podcast yesterday at the
'Turning of the Wheel' podcast site ironically enough about a cyclist who was hit and nearly killed on a "traffic circle" (in Australia we call them roundabouts) and had a near-death experience where she says she went to "heaven" -
The Near Death Experience with Nancy Rynes
"We have all spent time wondering about the great mystery of what happens when we die.

We've heard of the great white light; the sense of peace and calm; the welcoming presence of spirit. But what really happens?
Scientist and religious skeptic, Nancy Rynes faced such an event and lived to tell her story.
What was it like?
Is she still leery?
Join your host Chris Flisher as he discusses this remarkable experience with Nancy."
I also thought getting hit on a "traffic circle" and being interviewed by Chris Flisher at the 'Turning of the Wheel' site by a guy who is a mandala artist was ironic also.
Turning of the Wheel: Mandalas?
Chris Flisher's mandala painting
Chris Flisher and some more mandalas
After listening to this podcast I picked up a local newspaper from my dining table from a pile of unread newspapers I got off my mother and there was a story on the front page from the 9th of November about a cyclist who was hit and killed days after he had penned a letter about his frustration of dangerous driving practices of other drivers towards cyclists.
Almost a premonition in a way?
Nancy Rynes is also a pretty good artist.
Turning of the Wheel: Psyche and Singularity?
I guess like the dog in Nancy's painting we are all learning the ropes when it comes to this life/lives on earth and none of us know what life changing events are just around the corner, or on the circle.
Distracted driver jailed for killing cyclist

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